Crystal Lake’s Statik Hillz shows us where the good times are with ‘Dance tha Blokk’

Taken off his ambitious 19-track ‘Univerzal Overdoze‘ full album, Statik Hillz sends us a sensational song that shall invigorate your mood and get you back to having fun with your friends again on ‘Dance tha Blokk‘.

Adam Reese aka Statik Hillz is a Crystal Lake, Illinois-based indie multi-genre solo artist who somehow fuses in a mix of rock, pop, electronic, hip hop and dance.

He produces all of his original music on Ableton Live mixing catchy melodies with intricate and smoothly crafted lyrics that touch on mental awareness/hardship, love and human connection.” ~ Adam Reese

Sending us on a fun explorer mission to smell out where the best adventures will be tonight, Statik Hillz whistles his way into our famished hearts with one of the most stimulating tracks to grace our earlobes for a very long time. There is youthful vitality here that is rather translucently thrilling, as we bring our mates back from the cold and get to that party.

Dance tha Blokk‘ from Crystal Lake, Illinois-based indie multi-genre artist Statik Hillz, is a wonderful single to return you to the party that is calling your name from the streets. There is a late-night vibrancy here that is like the Bat signal for all of us to get that energy alight again – as we return to normal and keep things simple – while having that all-important fun again to forget the dark times of the past two years.

Get the drinks ready as you delve into his catchy track on Soundcloud and follow the socials on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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