Creative Force Tiana Major9 Set to Release New Single ‘Levee’

Tiana Major9 is a driven and dedicated artist with a passion for exciting crossover music that blurs the lines between genres as diverse as blues, jazz, and soul, among others.

Recently, Tiana wrapped up a brand new single release titled “Levee.” The track beings with a stunning, mellow combination of piano chords and vocals. The first thing that stands out is the singer’s incredible vocal performance. Tiana has some great dynamics, as she can seamlessly swing from low to high, from soft to quiet in order to create an exciting and direct sonic feature. The song feels very introspective in the beginning, but it actually comes to life with a burst of energy, with a nice rhythm section that complements Tiana’s vocals really well. I am particularly in awe of the production of this track. The song sounds remarkably modern, yet warm and relatable, almost like listening to one of those amazing jazz records that people still love for their organic vibes.


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