Come back to me: Spacific Brown asks for those close to return home on ‘Distant Dude’

Taken off his latest ambitious eighteen-track album called ‘High Tide‘, Spacific Brown brings his quality flow to the masses on his latest single called ‘Distant Dude‘.

A UK-based storyteller, boom-bap artist and poet, with that classic feel to his edgy music, Spacific Brown flows through the enlightened corridors with that supremely authentic feel to his music, which is full of reflective thoughts about those who have somehow hidden away from plain sight.

His lyrical delivery is raw and full of introspective pictures that paints this story as one that is underground on the tube, seeking out information about where they went to. When you are close to someone and miss their presence you have to do something about it, as you can only do so much on social media or via text.

Distant Dude‘ from UK artist Spacific Brown is a trip down the road that brings you closer to thinking of past friends and lovers who aren’t here anymore. He digs deep into the mic and lays down a track that is certainly memorable and shows that the world doesn’t need to be so forgetful and that some of us do indeed remember those who aren’t where they should be.

Sometimes you remember those good times and wonder where a person is, who was a strong figure in your life, but is now far away and you don’t know what happened to them. Life goes quickly like a blink of the eye and cherishing those special moments is so vital.

Turn this old school vibe up on Spotify and see his movements on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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