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Flamma – Licked Off My Face: Wit-Soaked Relentlessly Energetic Grime

Flamma’s recently dropped track “Liked Off My Face” makes Dizzee Rascal sound as edgy as Mary Berry.

Their relentlessly energetic drop is just one of the tracks which you’ll find on their 2020 6-track album “Rise”. Each track stands as a testament to their pioneering approach to Grime, but there’s no better introduction to Flamma’s explosively expressive style than Licked Off My Face. If any Grime track can get you in the mood for hedonism, it’s Licked Off My Face.

While you’ll find plenty of grit in the wit-soaked Rap bars, the flawlessly intricate multi-layered beats are as polished as you’ll find in Grime.

You can check out Liked Off My Face along with the rest of Rise for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Kenneth Douglas Mukasa – Dear Little Homie: Classically Cinematic Hip Hop

London-based artist Kenneth Douglas Mukasa has brought Hip Hop to evocative new heights with his single “Dear Little Homie”.

While the title may make it sound like your average Hip Hop jam, the cinematic work of classically-infused Hip Hop is anything but your average 808-driven jam. There’s soul, there’s style, and a sensual amount of poised sultry vibes.

With neo-classical piano melodies and the haunting quivers of strings creating the perfect platform for Kenneth Douglas Mukasa’s vocals, it’s hard to say whether it’s the instrumentals or the vocals which bring the most emotive weight to the mix.

But what is incredibly safe to say is that Kenneth Douglas Mukasa has one of the most refreshing new approaches to Hip Hop since Scroobius Pip. And we’re all too excited to have him on our radar.

You can check out Kenneth Douglas Mukasa’s single for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Ricky Racks has dropped a Grime Trap playlist essential with their latest single “Trapstar”

“Trapstar” is the arrestingly slick latest single to be dropped by up and coming London-based Trap artist Ricky Racks. The beats may be modern and offer plenty of contemporary appeal. But the Rap verses and the lyrics bring back the most missed elements of Old School Hip Hop.

Ricky Racks’ verses practically drip venom and hold a stark mirror up to society in true Grime fashion. Combine that with the fact that it’s practically impossible not to get caught up in the smooth flow, and you’ve got a Trap hit.

With the playful and light beats creating the perfect contrasting platform for Ricky Racks to lay down their vitriolic verses, Trap tracks don’t come much more authentic than this. Get him on your radar.

You can check out the official music video to Trapstar for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Elousive – The Classic: The Art of Evocative Hip Hop

Elousive isn’t your average Hip Hop Rap artist, he’s a breath of fresh air to the monotony of the scene. In his debut single The Classic, he sticks his teeth into the soul of the genre with a poetic offering of lyrics that flow with passionate ease.

The progression of his debut track offers an infinite amount of momentum for you to get caught up within after he tells the time old tale of staying on the right path and striving towards success as a rap artist. Yet through his innocence, you can get a sense of the humble determination that has brought Elousive this far with his music.

I have no doubt that with the right opportunity Elousive will be able to rise above the underground and join the likes of the other contemporary greats in R&B and Rap.

The beat behind his track The Classic, has a Trap sentimentality behind the vocals, with a soft and almost calming rhythm, making the talented rappers debut track the perfect track to unwind to.

You can check out Elousive’s latest track The Classic via Spotify using the link below:


WilStar – OH LA LA: Drip Drop Dope

The inability of most rap artist to breathe creativity in every line of their work is something all good music enthusiast and loyalist can’t help but complain about. So many things have really changed in the rap game these days, it quite seems to be all about jumping right in the boot to record a song the moment the music producer finally hit some nice chords combo to put out a cool beat.

Whatever happened to music with a good intent of addressing a problem?

It ain’t always about cooking up a well-penned cuss/ diss track or spitting those heavy bars while trying to sound like a lyrical prodigy at rap cyphers. Trust me, this Hip Hop song ain’t nothing like what you’ve heard in a long while; it couldn’t have been sang any better.

Apart from that simple but yet captivating “She be Like Oh La La” chorus that softly adds more happy vibe the song, another thing that’s very hard to miss is that brilliant sound that hurls off every iota of uncertainty as regards the validity of the song’s quality, miles away each minute the song plays.

The Flow of the music and the lyrics are also well punctured and organized. It’s really nice to know that Wilstar is still fresh in the industry and I presume he would be able to pull out more dope songs in his subsequent work with ease.



Urban Label HQ Familia Announce Release of Debut Compilation ‘HQ Familia Presents… HQF001

For the very first time, record label HQ Familia are releasing a five track compilation ‘HQ Familia presents… HQF001’. A playlist of unique tracks across the East Midlands which represent the culture behind British urban music. Based in Leicester, the diverse individuals pay their dues to the music industry, with a promising attempt to portray the reality of modern day society. Embracing civic heritage, each of the artists showcase flourishing genres including UK Hip Hop, Grime, Garage, Future Bass and R&B. From start to finish, an unfeigned story is told which precipitates a variety of emotions throughout. There is not one sole narrative but a range of multiple perspectives shedding light on the struggles of social validity.

Charlie Georgio kick starts the compilation with a feathery proficiency, featuring Josh Notta in ‘You’. The free flowing melody dabbles between contemporary R&B, electro-pop and hip-hop, whilst enforcing a fairly mellow persona upon the track. Whilst this is one of the tracks that doesn’t necessarily focus on physical meaning, ‘You’ has more emotional depth than anything else. Georgio samples soulful characteristics underneath the spell that captivates him.

With a similar style to Lady Leshurr and Nadia Rose, Asher X takes a parallel stance of female grime by diving straight into a self-confidence heads on narrative, addressing the problems she’s faced with the men in her life. This track is the opposite of sympathising, and praises the strength and courage Asher X reflects as a woman where she exposes the wrong doings of men. Rather than permitting herself into grief, she jumps onto the offensive, making ‘Do One’ a track of total exclusivity.

As the compilation progresses, more genres are experimented. SunSun teams up with Harri Georgio producing a hip-hop and dub-garage style of track. ‘Waste My Time’ evolves into an energised anthem, where the synthesizing drums blur the lines of traditional hip-hop. The fast tempo component that flows freely with the dub resonance is what lifts the track up into a dance classic. And the endowed duo doesn’t just stop there, with lyrics that enforce relatable clarity, they are able to tune in with their audience.

The chemistry between the production of the tracks and the personal depth concealed is eminent, and as we reach a close to the compilation we have experienced new heights of emotions. The final two tracks share a correlation of a softer electro-rnb beat. Maniscooler and Dubdeep test the waters, integrating an electronic pulse with a debonair style of rap and untroubled vocals in the hook.  It’s only natural the tone of the track is delicate, when rendering the crucial aspect of relationships in ‘Boyfriend’. In comparison to BLG’s ‘Which Way To Go’, the tone of the track becomes bleak and cynical. BLG toys with down-tempo electronic blips to enforce a heightened effect, whilst the backdrop surveys a haunting presence throughout the track. The struggle of friendship and brotherhood goes hand in hand with the surreal tone, drawing a different perspective in contrast to its neighbouring tracks of the compilation.

HQ Familia Presents… HQF001 is the first release of many to come from HQ Familia and will be available via all major media providers. More information about each of the artists and any upcoming live dates can be found on their social media pages and information about the label itself can be found on their official website here.

Track Listing & Socials
1. You – Charlie Georgio ft Josh Notta
2. Do One – Asher X
3. Waste My Time – SunSun x Harri Georgio
4. Boyfriend – Maniscooler x Dubdeep
5. Which Way To Go – BLG ft Jafro (KamakazeTwisted PennysCorneliusSane Skitza)
Words: Aly Mchugh




UK Hip-Hop Artist IYKZ Releases Newest Single ‘Real Heroes’ Dedicated to Those Lost in the UK Terror Attacks

Hackney born artist Iykz certainly knows how to go above and beyond between urban music culture, with the release of pivotal track, Real Heroes. Dabbling from traditional garage to UK hip-hop, Iykz discerns a musical renaissance coming from his many inspirations, such as Tupac, Biggie and Michael Jackson. Released shortly after the bleak terrorist attacks in both Manchester and London, Iykz’ sentimental track embodies true depth and compassion through lyrics of gravity.

Real Heroes is a valuable comfort to its listeners, where the gentle, tranquil piano slinks into the focal spirit of the track. As he reassures “Truly I see the beauty, I see a lot of love”, “God’s looking down like wow, I think he’s proud of us”. The hard hitting song elucidates the genuine emotion behind such a tragedy, and as he asserts “Pay some respect, to the fallen they the real heroes”, Iykz is a prime example of how the community fights back against the catastrophe. Iykz shares an analogous feeling of melancholy, which is powered by his inviting and comforting voice. Both conflicting emotions unite together to deliver a promising message that amalgamates his listeners.

Real Heroes represents our social community as fighters, and without a doubt a spirit lifter despite circling around a desolate affair.

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