I Know What You Need: Canadian rapper RICHIE $TACK$ finds his secret lover on ‘Deep End’

As he puts on his snorkel and goes diving into those wildly intoxicating waters, RICHIE $TACK$ has a feeling that he has a girl that might be fine with keeping their liason on the heavy DL with the bass-slappin’ new single in the ‘Deep End‘.

RICHIE $TACK$ aka Rinchen Tharchen, is a multi-skilled Tibetan/Canadian Hip-Hip artist and music composer who is based in thriving Toronto, Ontario.

We slide into the backseat and see a smooth-on-the-pen rapper who is telling her what he thinks she wants to know, as they look into each others eyes and can’t help but smile cheekily. The energy is lit up beyond previously thought of comprehension, with a catchy cool beat that gobbles you up like a fishing line that has found that tasty meal.

Deep End‘ from the top notch Tibetan/Canadian Hip-Hop artist and music composer RICHIE $TACK$, is that sensual story all about giving thanks to that girl who keeps his delighted face beaming so bright. With a hot flow that might have many a window steaming up – this is that late-night escapade to put on loud when the time is right – to head home with someone who has your eyes sparked up like a Snoop Dog blunt.

Hear this charged up new single on Spotify and see more of the story via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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