Check Out This Say It (Remix) by Jericho Brillantes

Jericho Brilliants is a talented and charismatic artist with a unique style and a very energetic attitude.

Her music is a perfect combination between the uplifting vibes of pop and the cheerful vibes of electronic music, making for a truly kaleidoscopic personality.

Recently, Jericho released a brand new, exciting project titled “Say It”. This new release is actually a remixed version of the track, which features some enhanced beats and a driven wall of melodies that really set the bar higher. This release embodies the singer’s vision in a very comprehensive way, and the talented Tory Lanez, who collaborated on this remix, does a great job at bringing out the cool melodic elements in the song.

The production value of the release is a great combination of organic old school and contemporary clarity, going for a very balance combination of punch and rawness, which suits this particular genre very well.

Jericho is all about charismatic vocal performances and balanced instrumental tracks that really stand out, allowing the song to shine for its many different layers – from memorable melodies, to catchy hooks and deeper textures, this song has a very 3-dimensional vibe to it that really allows for an immersive listening experience.

Find out more about Jericho and don’t miss out on her recent releases and activities:

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