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San Francisco based Cailo inspires us all with the beautiful call for help from the universe on ‘Miracle’

San Francisco based Cailo inspires us all with the beautiful call for help from the universe on ‘Miracle‘, this is a new song with so much heart and love. You can’t but help like this female artist, her EDM style is a welcome addition to the dark days of 2020.

Cailo is an American EDM producer, singer and also a well-respected songwriter. She is an artist with so much creativity and makes music to help us heal.

Miracle‘ from Cailo is a track that you can’t help but like. The world is looking for a miracle right now and the message here is of peace. The vocals are beautiful here and the beat keeps you hooked throughout. This is a song to turn on loud and tell your friends about.

Here is a self-aware female artist who makes music that means something and was made with purpose. A single that will surely become one of the more inspirational tales of 2020.

Click here for the Soundcloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

D-Anna sets the bar high with the elegantly sassy indie pop single ‘Not Today’

The young Russian D-Anna, a singer-songwriter  who now made the move to Boston to study at at Berklee College of Music brings us a lovely single in ‘Not Today‘, and this young singer shows us her incredible vocal ability in her debut single.

Not Today‘ is about letting go of the toxic environments, people, and situations. Letting go of what doesn’t serve you anymore. It’s about freedom and love that exists beyond ego issues. It’s about self-respect and self-value.” – D-Anna

With a sultry voice that flies free like a beautiful butterfly, this is a statement single. A call to say that she is not messing around now, no one is going to hold her down and damage her soul inside. With a pure indie pop with some house elements that drift in nicely like a water-park slide on a Saturday afternoon.

This is a song that makes you think, you smile and admire this artist for her elegant style. You get the feeling that she is finding her voice and is on the way to expressing her message to the world. She has a voice that keeps you lock in and you feel like you have found your new favourite artist.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Gillyman shares the tantalizing tale of being locked in his brain on ”Cake”

New artist Gillyman teases his tremendous talent on the mind-bending new track called ”Cake”.

Taken off the self-titled album, ”Cake” is such a mellow journey of self-discovery that warps the brain due to the dazzlingly electric beats and vivid vocals.

Gillyman roams free on this new track without any restrictions. There aren’t a lot of vocals on ”Cake” but that doesn’t matter. I’m fascinated as to why this song is called ”Cake” too. Hopefully when I see Gillyman perform live I’ll ask him.

This is 2 minutes 27 seconds of blissful music that enters your brain and never lets go. I love the intricate groovy beat that makes my head swivel and groove in delight.

The indie-pop song ”Cake” from Gillyman is one of the most chilled tracks you will hear so turn it up, tune out from social media and enjoy this mellow tune for any day of the week.

Stream this new track right here on the Spotify music link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Australian pop artist Deonie sends through real message about snakes with debut ”Karma”

Deonie is a young Australian pop star in the making. She effortlessly launches her career in the wild music world with her stunning debut ”Karma”. This is a singer who has a flawless voice and is set for huge things.

Karma” is a pop journey all about having your heart broken and feeling that you have been with a real snake. Someone who has made up stories to be cool and now the lies are catching up to them. This is a real story and a true tale that many of us have had to ensure at some point in our lives. She sings with such meaning and you believe every word.

I love the smooth beat here as it compliments Deonie’s voice with precision production that is perfect. ”Karma” is an absolute winner for 2020 and hopefully this young singer goes from strength to strength.

Here is the Youtube video link.

Click through here to see more info on live show via Facebook.

Stream this brand new track right here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Sam Mudd smashes through the year with fantastic ”All of Your Friends”

Upcoming artist Sam Mudd from Iowa in the USA is back with a fab track called ”All Of Your Friends”. This is lofi-fi rock with an edm twist and it’s a rad track to send us a good vibe in 2020.

This is the follow up to the awesome debut called ”Where Are You” that certainly made a big impression last month with our team.

This song is all about partying and wanting to be close as friends again. The world has closed up and so has our human connection which is so sad to see. I love the punchy production on this one and it’s a terrific song full of weight and intriguing moments. Sam has a good voice and will certainly be a favorite when festivals are back on in 2021.

Check out Sam’s Facebook for more info on gigs and new music coming out soon.

Stream this new song right here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Casely urges us to make use of those real moments with ”Time Flies”

Time is always a precious moment and one that we need to make full use of. Being in that moment and really making it count, no matter how much you have of it. Casely has just put out a wonderful single that make you want to fly up and be with all those people you really care about.

This is a stunning song from R&B singer Casely as he takes us on a trip of passion and meaning. His voice is sharp and you want to listen to his every word. I love how peaceful this track is and the guitar riffs are calm and reassuring. His tale of love inside the song is sad but inspiring and we hear the hurt and stories about not letting pride get in the way- as this will eventually, hold us back. This is a fantastic song and one that all ages need to hear so that we can take a breath and look up above for guidance.

Stream more of ”Time Flies” and hear this fantastic artist via the YouTube channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Spookybands releases latest single All the Birds Died V.1: A very powerful piece of music

Spookybands have released their latest piece ‘All the Birds Died V.1’ . It’s incredibly honest, meaningful and dark as he keeps it as real as it can be.

It incorporates many ranges of sound, it gives off this rather poignant feeling as he tells this powerful story through his lyrics, keeping it real and speaking the truth about the way he feels. What  makes this an interesting piece of music, is the way in which his vocal ranges can vary, sometimes they’re low and raspy and sometimes high-pitched and raucous as you hear the strain in the back of his throat, giving it this rough tone.

The instrumentation is kept pretty simple, but that’s what makes the words really illuminate the piece, everything aspect of this piece is to let the lyrics shine through and it certainly does that. The gentle riff and tap on the guitar softly pacing through the background.

Spookybands have this rather intriguing way when writing lyrics, in a way that his audience can hear each word and feel this connection through the words used.

Check out Spookybands single All the Birds Died V.1 by heading on over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall

Katrame – Mind At Stake: Holy fire and sticky desire!

Straight out of the gate, Katrame prove that they are rule breakers with their latest release “Mind At Stake”. It’s dangerous from the get go, with an intricate drum syncopation, electronic murky baselines, and a slow, grinding top line melody that is impossible to ignore. The ebb and flow of the track feels like auditory fermentation. They deliberately give nothing away before the right time and you are transported, then seeped in a  strange otherworldliness of their own clever design.

Like enjoying a clear sunny day and all that it has to offer and then walking through a door, only to be confronted with contrasting dark, dirty pleasures, ‘Mind At Stake’ transports you imperceptibly from pure almost holy reverence to sacrilege and sinful, sticky desire.

Michalis Papoulakos (vocals, beats, sytnths), Nasso Frontistis (bass, vocals), and Nikos Probonas (Guitar, synth, vocals) form the dynamic musical trio from Athens that is KATRAME and they are definitely a band to watch out for. They are well versed in suspense and intrigue and are able to place these into a musical context that is sure to move you.

Check out “Mind At Stake” on Spotify

Review by Susan Harriott.

Check Out This Say It (Remix) by Jericho Brillantes

Jericho Brilliants is a talented and charismatic artist with a unique style and a very energetic attitude.

Her music is a perfect combination between the uplifting vibes of pop and the cheerful vibes of electronic music, making for a truly kaleidoscopic personality.

Recently, Jericho released a brand new, exciting project titled “Say It”. This new release is actually a remixed version of the track, which features some enhanced beats and a driven wall of melodies that really set the bar higher. This release embodies the singer’s vision in a very comprehensive way, and the talented Tory Lanez, who collaborated on this remix, does a great job at bringing out the cool melodic elements in the song.

The production value of the release is a great combination of organic old school and contemporary clarity, going for a very balance combination of punch and rawness, which suits this particular genre very well.

Jericho is all about charismatic vocal performances and balanced instrumental tracks that really stand out, allowing the song to shine for its many different layers – from memorable melodies, to catchy hooks and deeper textures, this song has a very 3-dimensional vibe to it that really allows for an immersive listening experience.

Find out more about Jericho and don’t miss out on her recent releases and activities:

Chris Wareham – Sting Me Down: Sound Stripped Bare

Chris Wareham has the ubiquitous sound of a bedroom artist. His latest track Sting Me Down illustrates the image of the pensive Acoustic Singer Song writer holed up in his North London residence.

The talented solo artist exposes his soul through his music, allowing his audience to hear him stripped naked by his lyrics that resonate through the soundwaves of his haunting voice, honest lyrics and deftly strummed guitar. It’s nice to hear an artist sticking to his humble acoustic roots and not striving to be yet another Ed Sheeran wannabe. He sings with playful humility that makes the minimalistic sound truly a pleasure to listen to. He lets his voice dominate the tracks, not hiding behind instrumentals or crass reverberation to bring his music to life. You can hear each and every lick of the string throughout the progression of the track.

Fans are already begging for an album from the talented musician, and I’ve joined the que behind his loyal following. He’s created waves in the underground musical Mecca for acoustic artists in London.

To hear more about his latest touring ventures make sure you follow him on Facebook: