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Check Out This Say It (Remix) by Jericho Brillantes

Jericho Brilliants is a talented and charismatic artist with a unique style and a very energetic attitude.

Her music is a perfect combination between the uplifting vibes of pop and the cheerful vibes of electronic music, making for a truly kaleidoscopic personality.

Recently, Jericho released a brand new, exciting project titled “Say It”. This new release is actually a remixed version of the track, which features some enhanced beats and a driven wall of melodies that really set the bar higher. This release embodies the singer’s vision in a very comprehensive way, and the talented Tory Lanez, who collaborated on this remix, does a great job at bringing out the cool melodic elements in the song.

The production value of the release is a great combination of organic old school and contemporary clarity, going for a very balance combination of punch and rawness, which suits this particular genre very well.

Jericho is all about charismatic vocal performances and balanced instrumental tracks that really stand out, allowing the song to shine for its many different layers – from memorable melodies, to catchy hooks and deeper textures, this song has a very 3-dimensional vibe to it that really allows for an immersive listening experience.

Find out more about Jericho and don’t miss out on her recent releases and activities:


Chris Wareham – Sting Me Down: Sound Stripped Bare

Chris Wareham has the ubiquitous sound of a bedroom artist. His latest track Sting Me Down illustrates the image of the pensive Acoustic Singer Song writer holed up in his North London residence.

The talented solo artist exposes his soul through his music, allowing his audience to hear him stripped naked by his lyrics that resonate through the soundwaves of his haunting voice, honest lyrics and deftly strummed guitar. It’s nice to hear an artist sticking to his humble acoustic roots and not striving to be yet another Ed Sheeran wannabe. He sings with playful humility that makes the minimalistic sound truly a pleasure to listen to. He lets his voice dominate the tracks, not hiding behind instrumentals or crass reverberation to bring his music to life. You can hear each and every lick of the string throughout the progression of the track.

Fans are already begging for an album from the talented musician, and I’ve joined the que behind his loyal following. He’s created waves in the underground musical Mecca for acoustic artists in London.

To hear more about his latest touring ventures make sure you follow him on Facebook:


Timberbrooke Release Powerful Alternative Rock Track & Video For “Train of Thought”

“Train of Thought,” is a musical master piece, the opening is powerful, hard hitting, and vocally charged. The lead vocalist spews searing but harmonically charged, raw emotion; the kind of emotion that just reaches through the speakers and grabs you with intensity. Her lead vocals coupled with the background vocals catapult this piece to an entirely different height. She has a strong voice and intense voice, there’s not one wavering moment in her performance each line spills with passion and emotional climax.

The instrumentation is perfect, hard hitting drum cadence’s that lead to the climatic interlude in the track where an awesome guitar solo increases the spirit of the song. There are some nostalgic moments in the song, and a few surprises during the guitar solo that make this song worth a listen or two or ten.   Powerful track from beginning to end!


Check out Ethan Cole’s Unmistakable Vocals On ‘Supermoon Eclipse’

Ethan Cole is quickly building a great reputation for himself within the local music scene and beyond due to his earnest sound and passionate approach. His music blurs the barriers between genres such as country, folk and indie-pop, while his unmistakable vocals reign over the songs arrangements seamlessly.

On his recent release, Supermoon Eclipse, Ethan set out to create a charming sonic tapestry where great melodies blend in with stunning harmonies and upbeat energy in equal doses. This is one of those songs that couple listeners to stick around and pay attention from start to finish, due to the sheer power of the arrangement and the unique strength of the musicianship displayed within the track.

This song echoes the work of artists such as Wilco, Ryan Adams or Fleet Foxes, going for a simple, yet lush and far-reaching sound.



Rumble Skulls remind us of how music truly can speak where words fail with ‘Clouds Of Darkness’

With a name like Rumble Skulls, one could gather a pretty clear picture in their mind of what’s to come. Blaring guitars, rough vocals and pounding drums akin to countless bar-scene metal groups are the expectation. Now, meet the reality. Clouds of Darkness is a minimalist track that’s driven by an uplifting piano and a soft vocal. The content of the song is somewhere between expectation and reality, dwelling on harsh and depressing themes with little to no hope injected into the lyrics. Relying on delivery, this song creates something beautiful from sadness, reminding us of how music truly can speak where words fail.

Rumble Skulls is tame and careful in their exploration of themes, never falling to the level of its inspirations. This gives the listener an impression of being on the outside looking in. This type of perspective play makes for a really interesting track comprised of simple elements and simple themes. Something like dark clouds can mean infinitely much and Rumble Skulls is set on exploring that. Whether you need a track to bring you out of an existential funk or even soften the blow as you fall into one, this track acts as a unique stepping stone between impossibly different moods.

-Paul Weyer


A&R Factory Present: Alba

Alba presents her latest release titled “Life of a Bird” a song that is all about moody melodies and emotional vocals that combines the track into an epic piece of “Nordic Noir” vibed indie pop.

Anni Sinilahti, who goes by the artist name ALBA, is a singer-songwriter and producer from Finland. Her artist name was inspired by a meeting with an old man whilst travelling through Morocco, who told her that the name would bring her fortune in life. After leaving Finland at the age of 16 to busk in the streets of London, ALBA returned to her home country to work on her solo releases and write for other artists.

To date, her cover of Ellie Goulding’s ‘Love me like you do’ has gained over 300,000 plays on Soundcloud and her latest collaboration ‘One and Wild’ with DJ and producer Tarmo has been played more than half a million times onSpotify. Her musical influences vary from indie names such as Fever Ray and the Knife to pop artists including Britney Spears and Tove Lo.

In 2016 ALBA met producer Aleksi Kiiskinen aka MAULWURF and they wrote and produced her upcoming single in one sitting. One could say that it was music at first sight. This debut single, ‘Life of a Bird’ is due to be released in February 2017


A&R Factory Present: Rolo

Rolo is a young singer/songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist based in Heidelberg, Germany. Warm vocals, a smooth guitar sound and catchy melodies mixed with electronic beat elements make up his unique Pop/Folk sound.  After delighting over 800,000 listeners all over the globe with his first single ‘’Too Blind’’, he is now proud to present his latest home-production ‘’Take it easy’’.

Giuseppe aka Rolo says ‘‘The music has always been inside my mind, I just needed to find a way record it.’’

Now that he found his way to create music, he is planning to release a few more singles in 2017 and sooner or later a whole album. So stay tuned and follow his journey on Spotify, Facebook and Youtube.



A&R Factory Present: The Great Escape

The three-faced band The Great Escape with it’s rousing energy and their single “I can’t resist” met the spirit of the California indie-scene. They draw their inspiration of all the West Coast has to offer – sun, surf and of course the laid-back lifestyle.

Although the two male members ideally fit look-wise in the image of real Californians, Kristian and Malte are actually from Hamburg, Germany . Whereas Amie, the only girl in the band is from America and fascinates with her powerful voice. During their times together as a band in Los Angeles, they developed the vision to bring their music to the sound of the 60’s, 70’s when rock and pop music was still genuine, authentic and unpolished.

Heavy-hitting “I Can’t Resist,” centerpiece and lead single of the upcoming album, perfectly showcases the stomping confidence that lies at the core of these gems: dirty vintage hooks caught on the fly, minimalist riffs shot from the hip and topped off with a truly stunning female voice.

Their new album is not only the band name in itself but represents symbolically the career of the band – A Great Escape.

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