Check Out ‘Drag’ a hypnotic fun release by S. Hero

DSM-VI by S. Hero

Drag is a wonderfully enticing musical journey. Brooding and dramatic storm clouds of sound gather before electronic pulses, staccato beats and finally scratchy guitar riffs build the songs real structure. It is hypnotic and fun, takes some strange vocally effected detours and seems to blend the sonic experiments of those early-post punks with the vision of a possible new electro-clash future.

It is glitchy and occasionally confrontationally odd, or maybe just oddly confrontational and like all great music it offers a certain predictability but still throws enough leftfield curveballs at the listener, thus satisfying both sides of the musical brain. A betting man would probably put money on the fact that our Hero has a poster of Kraftwerk on his studio wall, right next to one for Fritz Lang’s Metropolis!

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