Soundrage has made their debut with the powerful polished Alt Rock single “Thereafter” 

Munich-based five-piece Soundrage have recently made their debut with the single “Thereafter” and proved themselves to be an Alt Rock powerhouse.

After hearing the debut, I’m fairly convinced that if anyone is going to take the crown from Stevie Nicks, it will be vocalist Mery. The range of her vocals alone will have you transfixed as they shift from sultry Rock vocals into powerful baroque artful harmonics.

The instrumental arrangement doesn’t fail to spill its fair share of aural alchemy either. Even under a polished production, there’s a true sense of intimacy behind the perpetually dazzling organic guitar progressions.

Considering that Soundrage has managed to make such a nuanced stylistic soundscape with their debut single, we definitely want to know how they’re going to follow on from such a resounding emotive hard-hitter which was simply packed with aural ingenuity.

You can check out Soundrage’s debut single Thereafter for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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