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Feeling Sick: Marlee grows exhausted from those games on One Day (You’ll Wish)

Powered by Ankattarian Values, Marlee shows the whole world that she is moving on as she knows her previous lover will certainly miss the tender touches eventually on One Day (You’ll Wish).

Marlee is a South London, UK-based Isle of Wight-born alternative artist and music producer who loves dressing up in drag and is a self-professed real-life cartoon character.

Starting out with an acoustic guitar as a 15th birthday present; she gigged her way around her hometown of the Isle of Wight as a solo musician, cutting her teeth in pubs and holiday parks which lead to opening for the legendary Level 42 at the Royal Albert Hall when she was just 16. Since then she has featured on backing vocals for one of the band’s songs (‘Build Myself a Rocket’ – Sirens EP), even performing live with them at a multitude of venues and festivals including Indigo at the O2, Bestival, Isle of Wight Festival and Camp Bestival.” ~ Marlee

Astonishing so many tender ears and giving hope to those who are still stuck inside a liaison which has flamed out, Marlee is a rather outstanding soundtrack to getting over the past. This is electric stuff which will surely entice many to take a 2nd or 3rd listen.

One Day (You’ll Wish) from South London, UK-based Isle of Wight-born alternative artist/music wizard Marlee is a pulsating performance which might startle many hearts and inspire others to live out their dreams. In an often-selfish world, this is a rather terrific single track to open up many eyes to the truth within a fickle time for humanity.

Hear this fine single on SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Longcoats bring out awesome indie-rock UK party starter ‘Drag’

Drag‘ from Longcoats is the fantastic new single from the top notch UK band.

Formed in 2019 by Ollie Sharp, Arthur Foulstone, Kane Pollastrone & Norton Robey, Longcoats fuse that classic British Indie Rock sound of a generation with a sprinkle of American Pop Rock for their own jaunty energetic feel and catchy hooks that make every garden party feel like Reading Festival.

2020 brings their debut EP ‘October’ on Halloween and sadly also brings the departure of two band members.  However two new members are already In place brings Austen Rudall on Bass & Ollie Bull Lifely on Drums which is an exciting new move for the band.

The sound is laid completely bare, naked in its realness and grit from the vocals that brew like a newly made cuppa tea. The band have a way of keeping your attention with their groovy riffs and dance-along style. They want you to get sweaty while listening, letting your body move in ways 2020 has taken away from our souls.

Longcoats have released two songs now and you can hear the evolution already from 2019’s ‘Used To Being Used‘. I feel like ‘Drag‘ is their best effort yet with much more to come.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Check Out ‘Drag’ a hypnotic fun release by S. Hero

DSM-VI by S. Hero

Drag is a wonderfully enticing musical journey. Brooding and dramatic storm clouds of sound gather before electronic pulses, staccato beats and finally scratchy guitar riffs build the songs real structure. It is hypnotic and fun, takes some strange vocally effected detours and seems to blend the sonic experiments of those early-post punks with the vision of a possible new electro-clash future.

It is glitchy and occasionally confrontationally odd, or maybe just oddly confrontational and like all great music it offers a certain predictability but still throws enough leftfield curveballs at the listener, thus satisfying both sides of the musical brain. A betting man would probably put money on the fact that our Hero has a poster of Kraftwerk on his studio wall, right next to one for Fritz Lang’s Metropolis!