Didn’t Plan on Staying Long: Gemini Chris stays late until the shadows are gone with ‘Dance On My Own’

On a flourishing new single that reminds us to be careful who we let into our lives, Gemini Chris is back with a terrific electronic single that shall have you enthralled into the dynamic story called ‘Dance On My Own‘.

Gemini Chris is a thriving International DJ and electronic music producer who is originally from Jamaica and now based in the UK. You feel his vast experience floating all over the beat here, as he floods in with a sound that is so enjoyable as it nibbles happily on your earlobes and projects astonishingly through your hungry soul.

You feel the electricity sweeping into your awaiting speakers, as we feel the story of feeling that bitter feeling inside your bones. They faked their way into your life and your mind, before leaving rather quickly and making it seem like they didn’t plan on staying long anyway. You now dance alone into the shadows — trying to think that’s okay and you didn’t care — but the feeling of betrayal is so evident, and bites hard at your healing heart.

Dance On My Own‘ from the Jamaican-born, UK-based music producer/DJ Gemini Chris, gives us an outstanding listen that foams a feeling all over your body which reminds you of the best parties back when things weren’t so uncertain.

With a stunning beat, crystal clear vocals and an honest story, this one of the most enjoyable dance tracks yet from 2021.

Stream this top dance single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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