Chance the Closer – When the Party Calls: The EDM Rap Anthem Your Playlists Have Been Missing

Chance the Closer’s latest release “When the Party Calls” is a full on aural attack on the senses when you hit play. There’s no gently luring you into the chaos of the EDM Rap track which has plenty of intricate progressions throughout the mix. By keeping the beats unpredictable It would seem that Chance found the perfect way to constantly feed euphoria into the anthemics of the mix which has been polished to perfection.

The US-based up and coming Rap artist clearly had no intention of assimilating any other Urban, Alt, or EDM artist when he created the hard tempo hit which is all too tempting to crank up and let the feverish mix envelop you.  Expect a smooth cocktail of elements of Future Pop, Balkan Beats and Hard Style.

You can check out When the Party Calls for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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