Self Distruction – Merits: Digital Hardcore Hip Hop

If any Hip Hop track deserves to be dubbed as fire, it’s Self Distruction’s drop “Merits”.  With a beat which would be just at home in an Industrial Digital Hardcore track the Los Angeles-based Rapper lays down his bars which feeds into the relentless adding even more energy to the mix. The track kicks off as a straight-up aural attack and continues to pick up momentum right the way through the mix. As harsh as the beats are, Self Distruction kept enough bounce and rhythm to make sure that Merits was more than just another Hip Hop drop, it also serves as a filthy EDM beat which wouldn’t fail to fill a Dark Techno dancefloor. Even though the Rap verses take a back seat in the track, they still bring that unmistakable West Coast Hip Hop swagger to perfectly round off the mix.

You can check out Self Distruction’s drop Merits for yourself by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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