Brighton’s 8udDha bl0od continues to evolve with fantastic single ‘’1551 5ym80l!k 5h1mm3R’’

Some music is just designed to get you in a positive mindframe and ‘8udDha bl0od’ smash it out the park with this terrific song that is psych pop at its finest. 

It’s not even about the lyrics in the track that makes it terrific, it’s the rhythm and melody that totally transfixes you, the song changes up with unexpected surprises. You know its English with the conversation about stars halfway through this 7 minutes 50 seconds classic. A music video must be on the cards here surely.

I feel like the band is a perfect act for a festival in the USA, somewhere hot and sticky with a massive crowd that hasn’t heard them before. The crowd will sway and new fans will be made instantly. Bring on world domination.

All I know is that this trippy song- presumably called ‘Shimmer’ – is that it’s a track you will play late at night with mates while staring at stars, reflecting and coming up with ideas on how to change the world. Streaming Brighton lads ‘8udDha bl0od’ is the best decision you will make all year and please do tell family and friends about them, they will surely thank you later. 

Get familiar with 8udDha bl0od today on SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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