Champion – Winner: Rap While You’re Winning

The stunningly talented emerging R&B Hip Hop artist Champion released his debut track Winner late 2017, whilst it didn’t go down a storm on the underground R&B scene, it’s arguably one of the best Hip Hop tracks the scene has seen in a while. Everything about the mid-tempo trap style beat is styled to perfection, with the swell of the snares soaring throughout the track, setting up the drops that will take you down with them. Champions lyrics are as raw and relatable as they come but they’re just one element that makes his debut track Winner so infectiously catchy. With rhythm like this, it’s unfathomable how the Miami based urban artist hasn’t become a household name. His rap verses are as tight as they come, here’s to hoping this irresistibly fresh artist with his pioneering sound catches a break!

You can check out Champion’s debut track winner via AudioMack using the link below:

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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