c x m e r x n drops the important ‘Wasting Away’ (feat. Garret Rapp)

c x m e r x n drops the important ‘Wasting Away‘ (feat. Garret Rapp) and this is a reflective song that sums up 2020.

c x m e r x n is a musician who mixes ambiance, and emo pop in one. He is from a small town in the Midwest, 30 miles from Milwaukee and 60 miles from Chicago in the USA.

You feel so numb and you so in your mind right now. You don’t know what to do and everything seems the same and feel like you are just wasting away on earth. This is a feeling that so many of us feel right now, you want to learn new things but can’t seem to get started. You need a fresh start, a new place to go and explore. Life is stagnant right now but things can only get better.

c x m e r x n impresses on ‘Wasting Away‘ (feat. Garret Rapp) and this is a soundtrack for the crazy year of 2020. We need something better to come around and to get out of our heads, we need to stay positive.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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