Seven Days Rest – Sulfurous Air: Progressively Raw Alt Metal

Mariposa by Seven Days Rest

Sulfurous Air is one of the progressively twisted latest singles from the Alt Metal powerhouse Seven Days Rest. The New Mexico-based act have recently released their 2018 album ‘Mariposa’ which is sure to please even the most elitist of Metal-inclined audiophiles. From start to finish you’re treated to raw, unrestrained energy with the angst from the vocals sitting alongside the harmony of the instrumentals sweeping through the progression. Seven Days Rest have created one of those rare cathartically angry tracks with Sulfurous Air, the lyrics aren’t lost beyond the guttural screams, but my God, the vocalist has a scream which easily matches Corey Taylor.

Whilst the prelude to the track may come with the impending doom that you’re about to listen to another up and coming band which sound strangely familiar to Korn, the progressive style of Sulfurous Air has you questioning each seamless twist up until the track comes to an unpredictable close.

You can check out Seven Days Rest’s single Sulfurous Air by heading over to BandCamp.

Review by Amelia Vanderast

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