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Milwaukee rapper YLS bravely rides by herself to find that ideal home on ‘Solo’

Showing us that nothing will stop her as she searches for that real place that shall set her free forever, YLS shows us her incredible courage to carry on despite losing most of her family on, ‘Solo‘.

Eshauna aka YLS is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based indie Hip hop artist who has had a really tough life growing up and has faced many family tragedies that no one should ever deal with.

She still is on a journey of finding her way through life being alone and hopes to become the next big female rapper to strive through the life struggles she has faced and still facing till this day.” ~ YLS

YLS is one of those underground artists who you feel like you need to support, as her music is so real, it’s almost like you are in a movie. This is how it is for millions, who have had to grow up faster than anyone could imagine. Her courage is boundless and the intense lyrics give you a sense of what the pain actually feels like.

Solo‘ from Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based indie Hip hop artist YLS is a song that a generation will understand if they have dealt with a traumatic feeling in their stomach, that can only be explained through music. Rapped with a gritty edge and a flow that shall impress many real fans of this genre, this is a sensational single that shall rattle your senses awake.

Life is about finding your home, but sometimes it takes longer than first expected and that’s okay. We all move in our own time anyway.

Check out this YouTube track to see more via the IG page.

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Atlanta RnB artist and author Angel Hilson breaks her rules to let them in on her sensual new release, ‘Just This Once’

As her strong defences are brought down slowly to leave it all on the line as she hopes that this endeavour will be totally worth it, Angel Hilson sings with such a sweetly-tipped tone that lets you know that she has been struck down by someone rather special on ‘Just This Once‘.

Angel Hilson aka Angel The Author is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin-born, Atlanta, Georgia-based acclaimed author, content creator and RnB solo singer-songwriter.

Flourishing so dazzlingly like a kind angel who has been hurt before but has decided that it’s time to take flight into the rainbow again, Angel Hilson shows us into her gushing heart that has fallen for a caring soul who seems to have intertwined inside her so naturally like no other before.

Just This Once‘ from the multi-talented Atlanta, Georgia-based RnB artist and author Angel Hilson is a loving single from a phenomenally gifted singer and creative who soars up above and takes us for a vintage ride. This is the sweet story about being guarded before – but finding that you might have met someone who makes it all worth it – due to their sensually-invigoring energy that you can’t seem to shake off without sensing that cheeky smile.

Sometimes you get lost in those kind eyes, that lets you know that they are the right soul for you to be meshed romantically with.

Listen in to this fine new song on Spotify and hear more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Got Caught Up: St Oshun wants to rewind the pulsating party on ‘The Joint’

Formerly known as The Charles Walker Band who were based in and are one of the most respected acts in Milwaukee, St Oshun change up the flow to water our mouths even more with their tasty new single that will have you reminiscing on ‘The Joint‘.

St Oshun is a Hollywood-based indie-pop act formed by Porsche Carmon and C-Dub. They makes music with a real message and strive to leave their mark on this rather odd world, that needs lots of love so that proper change can be made.

The song offers a message of empowerment to women because the woman doesn’t feel helpless because of her mistake,” C-Dub said. “She is ready to move on and learn from the experience. The song message is, ‘Yeah, I screwed up. We all do. It was fun. It was stupid. Let’s move on.” – C-Dub from St Oshun

The Joint‘ from the luminescent Hollywood-based indie act St Oshun, is a story that started all the way back in Milwaukee with their guitarist Christian. After the song evolved from a love that faded after summer to a story about the repercussions of a hot and steamy one night stand after a few naughty refreshments, this is a track that lights up your mind and reminds you of those youthful times. Moving on is the only way to deal with these moments, as stewing will only thicken the pot and makes you feel bloated.

This is a fresh new single from St Oshun that displays their quality songwriting, energetic beats and stunning vocals – all packed lovingly into one tasteful mix – that is so pleasurable for us to all consume.

Stream this fine new single on Spotify and check out their IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Wisconsin musician Evan Lane drop spectacular ‘Gravity of You’

Evan Lane is a proudly Milwaukee-based music teacher, former barista and artist who is back with the new single called ‘Gravity of You‘, this is a terrific track with flavor.

This multi-talented vocalist, violist, pop pianist and musician is quite soothing on the latest single as we are treated to a song that captures your attention right away. Taken off full 7 track album ‘Etude‘, this is a full time music lover who has so much passion for music. The love on this song is so clear to see and this indie pop journey builds up during the track.

You are drawn so much to your crush, they give you peace within when you think of them. You are drawn to them so much and want things to be happy and love-filled, not alone like 2020.

Gravity of You‘ from Evan Lane is an ode to that classic music. This is authentic and takes you to a different place. You feel peaceful and free, enjoying the feeling inside of this indie special.

Click here for the Spotify link.

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c x m e r x n drops the important ‘Wasting Away’ (feat. Garret Rapp)

c x m e r x n drops the important ‘Wasting Away‘ (feat. Garret Rapp) and this is a reflective song that sums up 2020.

c x m e r x n is a musician who mixes ambiance, and emo pop in one. He is from a small town in the Midwest, 30 miles from Milwaukee and 60 miles from Chicago in the USA.

You feel so numb and you so in your mind right now. You don’t know what to do and everything seems the same and feel like you are just wasting away on earth. This is a feeling that so many of us feel right now, you want to learn new things but can’t seem to get started. You need a fresh start, a new place to go and explore. Life is stagnant right now but things can only get better.

c x m e r x n impresses on ‘Wasting Away‘ (feat. Garret Rapp) and this is a soundtrack for the crazy year of 2020. We need something better to come around and to get out of our heads, we need to stay positive.

Head through to the YouTube link.

Click here for the Insta page.

Here is the Facebook link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Wisconsin singer-songwriter dbrouse returns with true story on ‘King Kong’

King Kong by D.B. Rouse

Wisconsin singer-songwriter dbrouse returns with true story on ‘King Kong‘ as this is a song that gets you thinking.

You may be big, but you ain’t too big to fall. This is the mantra here from this singer and this is such a true story. Sometimes as humans we think we are indestructible and can do anything. We however do have limitations and are not too big to far. If we remember that, life will be better. W can fall and it will be hard if we do things slightly wrong.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin is the home of dbrouse and he jumps into our hearts on this brand new single. The self-proclaimed hobo and kazoo salesman has such a great vibe and this song is so catchy. The enjoyable nature of this song riffs through the guitar.

Singer-songwriter dbrouse is a quality performer and shows this greatly on the new single ‘King Kong‘. He succeeds in his message and this is a valiant effort.

Click here for the Bandcamp page.

Here is the Facebook page link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

LA producer Christopher Dallman swirls through the speakers with sensational ”Time Of My Life”

You can hear it in his voice that this is a man on the rise. He sounds content and happy in his own body and soul. With sensual beats, Christopher Dallman is an electronic artist who also sings indie-pop and is on a mission to make 2020 his moment to shine brightly.

Known primarily for his acoustic music, the upcoming album “Digital Blue” introduces a more electronic style to his music armory and he strikes the oven hot here with a smashing track.

Born in Milwaukee in the USA, Christopher Dallman has just blessed us with the speaker-hugging ”Time Of My Life”. This is a sensational track with a sexy beat and it just settles well in the stomach. The start is powerfully orchestrated, the lyrics are inspiring and the vocals are so smooth you just want to turn up the volume. I can see myself cruising around in my buddies car with this on high voltage. This song is all about climbing and not letting go. This is time to fully make it happen and not stop for anything or anybody. Christopher Dallman is ready for the new style of music and we are just along for the fun ride. Let’s hope for more quality like this as the ears are big fans.

Stream this fantastic single from this new producer with huge potential on his Soundcloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen