C.Williams latest new track ‘Lowkey’ is seriously high-grade hip-hop

London-based hip-hop rising star C.Williams has released his new track ‘Lowkey’: an impressive new release from the young artist who has begun to pop up quite strongly on the UK’s rising trapwave scene. 

As hip-hop has exploded into consistent chart topping success across both sides of the atlantic, many aspiring rappers have come to snatch the title of the UK’s next big thing: enter C.Williams. ‘Lowkey’ is a bouncy, charismatic introduction to a rapper who can deliver melodies while at the same time floating on top of a beat with a breezy ease. And where ‘Lowkey’ shines most is a clear sense of charisma dripping throughout the intermittent 808 slugs. 

If you’re a fan of the likes of Octavian, Young Adz and the numerous other trapwave artists coming out of London – don’t miss out on C.Williams accomplished brand of autotuned haze rap. We’re looking forward to seeing what this Australian-born artist has in store for us yet. 

You can check out ‘Lowkey’ on C.Williams Spotify page here.

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