Out Of My Face: North Carolina rapper Mini Mo Betta gets the dough without drama on ‘Str8’

Released off the gritty North California indie hip-hop label Branch Off Records, Mini Mo Betta got off his couch and puts its together real tight with his bouncy street new track called ‘Str8‘.

Mini Mo Betta is a Brunswick County, North Carolina-based rapper with a consistent flow who gives it everything he has on each verse. He makes that quick-fire rap that rolls in fast and has you thinking about your own life rather deeply.

You feel his heartfelt desire to lift himself into a new position – as he ditched the three and four of spades – to look for the royal flush, that is waiting for him if he wants it enough. The insight is there and his self-awareness growing, each line he drops is made with passion and resolve, to be better and to be on top.

Str8‘ from the rugged rapper from NC in the USA called Mini Mo Betta, is the statement of intent from an artist who dug himself up from an uncomfortable place, to follow his dreams and to be be proud of who he wants to be. He raps with a determined flow and inner fire determination that is so scarce, as he lets it rip on a bar-loaded track full of promise. Haters better stay away from chatting nonsense too close to his face, as he is all about business now.

Stream this competitive track on YouTube and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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