By My Side: SELEMBA feels those deep sensations on Black Magic Magnetism

Produced, mixed and mastered by Ahmad Jamal Zareini, SELEMBA fuses in elements of RnB, hip hop and soul on the mesmerizing new single called Black Magic Magnetism.

SELEMBA is a Copenhagen-based Ugandan-danish indie hip hop artist who grew up performing as a choir-leader at his local church.

Though SELEMBA got his bachelors degree in musicology in 2016 he founded the award-winning restaurant UGood to make ends meet. This took most of his time away from music for a while but as determined as they come he would sit up late at night writing and producing his music after work unable and unwilling to ignore the call of his creativity. Today his restaurant is a stable source of income that gives SELEMBA the opportunity to make music full time. Before he started his restaurant, SELEMBA toured all parts of Denmark with his former band SLYCK.” ~ SELEMBA

Loving to the core and with a huge embrace that is laden with a blue sky, SELEMBA reminds us that love is actually simple if there are no extra complications. There is so much affectionate energy inside for us to cuddle into, as we find a flourishing creative who is only ascending to greater heights.

Black Magic Magnetism from Copenhagen-based Ugandan-danish indie hip hop artist SELEMBA is a romantic single which will calm many hearts and take us to a happier world. Sung with gleaming vibrance which shall brighten up many a mood, this is the perfect song to play when you need that love-filled inspiration again.

When your heart beats rather swiftly, everything changes forever.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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