Bobby Royale – Raise the Roof: Soulfully Bass-Drenched Jazz-Infused Hip Hop


If you’re looking for soulfully bass-drenched Hip Hop, your options are few and far between, so you may as well hit play on the experimentally jazzy latest single from up and coming artist Bobby Royale.

“Raise the Roof” was the debut single from Bobby Royale, and while he’s put out plenty of stylistic genre-contorting hits since, it still remains the perfect introduction to their distinctive style.

In Raise the Roof, naturally harmonic vocals sit against Bobby Royale’s relentlessly flawless, perfectly metered rap bars, while the soundscape takes you through constant evolutions of sound. From lashings of reverberant bass, to ominous synth keys to trickling light piano melodies, to Jazz-style brass, Raise the Roof merges it all together in an experimentally energetic soundscape which demands repeat attention.

You can check out Bobby Royale’s single Raise the Roof for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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