Sound Animal fascinate yet again with the ear-sizzling new track, ‘Whistle the Wind Home’

With a hauntingly mesmerising start that forms into something quite intriguing and deep to close your eyes with, Sound Animal return with an instrumental track that will surely be in a Hollywood movie as we lather inside, ‘Whistle the Wind Home‘.

Sound Animal is a Berkeley, USA-based indie experimental psychedelic rock, electronic, doom and metal band that continues to defy logic with extraordinary soundscapes to swim deeply into.

Electric guitar, bass, lap steel slide and electrified dulcimers played with a violin bow, bodhrán, Peruvian triangle drum, snare drum, silver flute, double shepherd’s flute, suling, jaw harp, pungi, khaen, melodica, harmonica, recorder, boatswain’s pipe, pennywhistle, slide whistle, saxmonica, MIDI, voice, found objects, electric tennis racket.” ~ Sound Animal

After blowing our minds on the car alarm-blaring dystopian track from February that shocked our ears back into place on ‘Outlaw of No‘, Sound Animal are rather unbelievable on another totally mind-bending song for the non-masses. The different sounds on display are rather uniquely spectacular and shall take your whole body into another dimension.

Whistle the Wind Home‘ from Californian-based indie experimental psychedelic rock, electronic, doom and metal act Sound Animal is a speaker-shifting single that shall flow through parts of your body that haven’t been alive for years. They are a tremendous outfit that has defied the odds once again and grabbed our souls into a galaxy of wonder that shall make you smile with joy. Music should always be about exploring what is possible after all.

Listen to this creative experience on Soundcloud and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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