BIRCHES shows us how to brush away that sad sorrow on ‘SEE YOURSELF TOMORROW’

Guiding us through the sadness and showing us which light-filled door to open, BIRCHES bravely leads us into a better world with smiles guaranteed all day on ‘SEE YOURSELF TOMORROW‘.

BIRCHES (formally We Are The Trees) is a DIY Northern Irish indie emo band who are proudly self-produced and seemed to thrive creatively during this recent pandemic.

More of a ballad, a moody track, than our more upbeat tracks. It focuses on mental health and we hope it can encourage our listeners to speak with their friends and family about any problem or issue they are having in their life”. ~ BIRCHES

Reminding one of the classic USA band The Shins and taking us for a revealing ride through life in their signature way, BIRCHES claw their way bravely to the top of the food chain with rampaging riffs that might cause you to blush uncontrollably. Soaked with a vocally enthused vigor, this might be one of your new playlist faves for 2022 when you need a natural boost.

SEE YOURSELF TOMORROW‘ from Northern Irish indie emo band BIRCHES is a really terrific soundtrack to finding freedom again. After being locked inside for too long, this is that call to speak up if you have been going through a traumatic period of upheaval in this confusion-packed world. Performed with genuine passion and desire, this is a simply excellent song made with such pure intentions.

Life should be about helping others through dark times when you’re able to help.

See this thriving music video on YouTube and see more news on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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