Beyond Belief: Unidentified Flying Project by Simon Wood Harris reminds us that ‘There Is a Dream’ on incredible team effort single

With twelve years of hard toil to make highly ambitious music desires turn into reality, Unidentified Flying Project by Simon Wood Harris are here with a magnificent explosion of ear-bending sounds like none other on ‘There Is a Dream‘.

Simon Wood Harris is a former UK-based cellist who is now an acclaimed writer, producer and arranger. He has brought together a massive pro-production team, over sixty hand-picked project musicians, collaborators, singers and producers, to mesh together in an awe-inspiring music project that you have to hear in order to believe.

Bringing together such a collection of well-established pop, RnB, rock and jazz session musicians was a pain-staking but ultimately worthwhile pursuit for Simon, as you hear sounds here that you thought were previously unimaginable. The hand-crafted gem is a world class production, with dazzling soul-healing powers that you can only shake your head in disbelief at.

“All I really wanted was something worthy of playing in my car,” says Simon. “In truth, I’ve discovered that I find it hard to listen to my own music. But those tiny moments of the purest magic in the studio…I may not have a pension but I can live off those memories for years.”- Simon Wood Harris

With 14 different recording studios, 19 sound engineers and a variety of musicians that have played with the very best in the world, this has been a money-sapping effort that has certainly been worth it.

There Is a Dream‘ from the multi-talented Unidentified Flying Project by Simon Wood Harris, is a stunning song that boggles the brain, as you try (and fail) to work out how long this must of taken to create, as you smile and turn up really loud to hear all of the incredible intricacies, that makes this a music production from another planet.

Hear this wondrous creation on Spotify and see more stories on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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