Benjamin BM$ thrills our senses to that finish line on ‘Winning’

With a thudding style and video game-like beat that gives your exhilarated ears a real shake-up in such a wildly exciting way, Benjamin BM$ returns with vigour and makes sure that he is going to get that shiny trophy to hoist up high on ‘Winning‘.

Ben Savery aka Benjamin BM$ is a UK-based DIY indie musician, multi-instrumentalist, music producer and podcaster who is also a spotlighted Corite artist and Twitch affiliate.

Taking us to a place that seemed incomprehensible before this particular moment, Benjamin BM$ shows us what he is capable of and certainly delivers for fans of edgy music with plenty of action to wake up your whole body.

Winning‘ from the multi-talented UK-based music producer/multi-instrumentalist Benjamin BM$ is a single that will probably astound many as he skillfully takes us into his mind which is always looking to make something different to the rest. This is a catchy instrumental track that simmers rather briskly and will vibrate your mindset awake – just when we all needed an extra natural boost – from a busy artist who is always looking for more ways to get his music out, to the furthest corners of the planet.

When you want that win badly, anything is possible.

Hear this intriguingly creative dance track on Spotify and check out the IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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