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The Elegant Chasers warn us to be extra wary of that selfish ‘Car Salesman Smile’

Leading us into the truth that some try to hide away as they only care for those greedy intentions which ultimately hurts others through their actions, The Elegant Chasers reminds us all to be careful of those soulless characters who love to flash their malicious ‘Car Salesman Smile‘.

The Elegant Chasers is a Maz Loizou-created alternative rock music project that is based in Hersham, UK, who successfully shows us their DIY multi-instrumentalist skill set.

The idea relates to a woman being unfairly treated & how relationships can play out. Sadly, I have female friends who have these stories to tell. I felt compelled to write a song about it from someone on the outside looking in. It can, of course, work the other way. But for this particular song, I was looking at how women can be taken advantage of by men who appear to be genuine and charming. However, the victims are often deceived by someone who completely fails to deliver – with the journey for the woman being far from comforting & ending in misery.” ~ The Elegant Chasers.

After giving us a welcome reprieve on the last single ‘Clowns‘, The Elegant Chasers break the glass that was hiding the honesty away and cracks at the illusion that so many wish to keep amongst themselves. With a dynamic vocal brilliance and innovative lyricism that deserves to be heard loud at your local music venue, this is a reminder that fair goodness needs to be inserted into the fabric of the world again.

My message in the song is if you have been in that position, don’t give up hope or keep being sold that fat lie. You don’t deserve to be thrown on the scrapheap. You can choose to play his game or / and find true comfort elsewhere.” ~ The Elegant Chasers

Car Salesman Smile‘ from the UK-based Maz Loizou-created alternative rock music project The Elegant Chasers is a robust track from one of those underground artists who would greet you with a smile. His style is rather transfixing and there is a raw energy that you can’t seem to get enough of.

Reminding us all to be extra careful in life when we meet that fake soul who wants to take everything for themselves is a brave effort that needs to be admired.

See the new music video on YouTube and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Benjamin BM$ thrills our senses to that finish line on ‘Winning’

With a thudding style and video game-like beat that gives your exhilarated ears a real shake-up in such a wildly exciting way, Benjamin BM$ returns with vigour and makes sure that he is going to get that shiny trophy to hoist up high on ‘Winning‘.

Ben Savery aka Benjamin BM$ is a UK-based DIY indie musician, multi-instrumentalist, music producer and podcaster who is also a spotlighted Corite artist and Twitch affiliate.

Taking us to a place that seemed incomprehensible before this particular moment, Benjamin BM$ shows us what he is capable of and certainly delivers for fans of edgy music with plenty of action to wake up your whole body.

Winning‘ from the multi-talented UK-based music producer/multi-instrumentalist Benjamin BM$ is a single that will probably astound many as he skillfully takes us into his mind which is always looking to make something different to the rest. This is a catchy instrumental track that simmers rather briskly and will vibrate your mindset awake – just when we all needed an extra natural boost – from a busy artist who is always looking for more ways to get his music out, to the furthest corners of the planet.

When you want that win badly, anything is possible.

Hear this intriguingly creative dance track on Spotify and check out the IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Pittsburgh’s Shelter Light listens for the answer that will come if you let it on ‘Look Away’

As he wonders what is real and what isn’t in this confusing glow that can blind you from the correct decisions, Shelter Light brings his resonant tone and wizardry behind the decks to be seen by the world on his new solo stage with ‘Look Away‘.

Shelter Light is the exciting passion project and alias of Pittsburgh-based DIY multi-instrumentalist and music producer, Antonio Ruberto.

After spending the past 10 years in Asheville, North Carolina, we find a reinvigorated artist who co-founded and co-led the band Shadow Show (now known as Snow Actual Snow).

When the pandemic struck, Antonio relocated to the city of Pittsburgh with his partner to pursue a career in Product Design. The isolation from the music scene he knew drove him to begin learning the art of production for himself and through this, Shelter Light was born.” ~ Antonio Ruberto

Caressing the speakers with an innovative sound that has your tongue licking your thrilled lips that have just catapulted an ice cream deep inside your stomach, Shelter Light emerges from the shadows and reflects a picture that has you nodding your head slowly and grooving to the wonderful energy presented.

Look Away‘ from Pittsburgh-based indie-rock/synth-wave multi-instrumentalist and music producer Shelter Light, leads us into a new world that is available if you let the natural energy shine through and open up your ears. Assembled with stunning electricity that seems to spark your speakers alight – there is much to marvel at here – on this excellent single that you will find rather sumptuous to delve smoothly into.

Listen to this new track on Spotify and see more via the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Wipe Those Tears: Zasxee shows us the way to relieve past pain on ‘Hemingway’

With a kind tone which certainly feels like she knows that something needs to end but doesn’t want it to, Zasxee shows us her incredible DIY talents on the latest single release that will put you into a thoughtful trance called ‘Hemingway‘.

Zasxee is a striking indie alt-rock multi-talented singer-songwriter, music producer, cat lover, bassist, and music engineer. She makes a blend of hypnotic music mixture of treats that has you moving into a new world – as you feel her dynamic skill-set right next to you- that has your curious ears feeling warm and healed from the blustery coldness outside your creaking door.

Her lyrics are smartly written and has you quickly wrapped into a rather strange mood, as you turn up the volume so you can fully immerse yourself into her mindset. This is a wondrous effort that has you so reflective – her vocals leads you away from the darkness and instead seated by the window – so that you may get that fresh air needed for your brain to function properly again.

Hemingway‘ from the youthfully promising Zasxee and her cute kitty cat Piper, is a lovely song that is packed full of intrigue. Her vocals are hard to hear at first as she mysteriously locks you into her stunning spellbinding spell of wonder. This is a track to play when you feel a a bit down after a break-up and need some further inspiration to brush off the pain – so you may confidently move forward with your life. To quickly find a new path that was meant for you and not one that was slippery like before, is the only way to avoid those temptation-filled pitfalls of doom.

Hear this lovely new single on Spotify and see more on her IG channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Time Is Soon: UK Electronic artist Bitvert gets his mind ready to conquer on ‘Nowism’

As he studiously works out his plan of action to do what he needs to do, Bitvert gets ready from just around the corner on his bass-heavy new electronic single that is ominously named ‘Nowism‘.

Bitvert is a well-known underground music producer and artist from East London, England. He makes that raw thumping soundscape that is late-night perfect for when you just need to take the edge off, and get all that frustrated energy out of your pulsating body.

Drawing on a DIY ethos of punk applied to nocturnal electronica and mechanical disruption, Civil Serpent was born in the warehouse subculture of East London, drawing together evil strands of pounding 4/4 techno, darkened electronic textures and stupendous sub bass frequencies that pull the head of the listener straight to the floor.” – Rough Trade Records

With a mysteriously fascinating hard nosed edge, this is a powerful song that sets the mood on the current climate in the UK, which is supremely unnerving to say the least. He layers up real warm and takes us for a fastidious journey to the outer reaches away from all the sinister cameras of the city – who watch and control – as he shows us where to start from instead.

Nowism‘ from the East London, England-based electronic music producer Bitvert, shows us a man who is on a well-thought out mission to get all his goals no matter what. He is looking away from the bright lights for now, but is on the right path and knows what to do. This is a fast-paced track with plenty of grit and desire, just like where he is from. Nothing can stop him from grabbing his elusive treasure.

Stream this fine new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Coming For Ya: Emerging NYC artist Inés gets away from this wild year with the exhilarating new single ‘Run’

With a wildly intoxicating technique that is so delightfully proficient and ear-warmly enlightening, Inés sparks bright like an excited fuse that dazzles the mind on her new single ‘Run‘.

Inés is a classy solo project who was formed by the young and talented NYC native Patricia Zulueta who is a EDM music producer, indie-dark-pop singer-songwriter and guitarist. Influenced heavily by her hero’s Björk and SOPHIE, she makes that different vibe that is full of her almost wizard-like creativity.

This song speaks to the crazy, unpredictable nature of the past year. I hope that the ever-changing textures and beats evoke
the rapid twists and turns of 2020/21.” – Inés

Her approach is supremely graceful and filled with such innovation that quite frankly, boggles the mind. As you turn the volume up so you can clearly hear her quick-fire vocals, you admire her DIY artistic approach that is quite a sumptuous effort.

Run‘ from New York City-based EDM music producer and dark-pop singer Inés who made this terrific track from her cozy bedroom, shows us her fascinating experimental project in full force with an outstanding display of skill. She is definitely a rising name who brings forth her eclectic music style, that certainly rivets the mind, body and soul, into life again after being dormant for too long.

Stream this electric new single via her Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Forgot My Skin: Dirtycakes dig away to the promised land ‘In The Garden’ (Whisper Version)

Featuring heart-boosting solos that breaks away the flimsy fence so you can sneakily climb into their quickening wheelbarrow, Dirtycakes mess up the flowers and don’t really care at all with their terrific new track called ‘In The Garden(Whisper Version).

Dirtycakes is a formidable DIY Los Angeles, California-based, indie rock/punk band. Their lyrics include stories about drugs politics, challenges and emotional turmoil, whilst encouraging different views so that they may always be evolving.

Excitement & Raw Energy, Rock and Roll is everything we want to be. Unifying, empowering, exciting, dangerous, honest and a release. DirtyCakes is first of all equality for all.” – DirtyCakes

Each riff is so fluently played and filled to the brim with shocking sounds to wake up the pesky neighbors next door, as the talented band keep it simple and just rock it all out. Just the way music should be after all this and is so far from the formula that so many follow. This is that unique rock music that really stuns and has you feeling alive inside.

In The Garden(Whisper Version) from the fiery DIY LA act Dirtycakes, dusts away the prints unannounced and hides the evidence on a real gem of a new single. This is that storming sound that has the thunder in your fragile mind crackling alive with bolts of electric lights and bright ambient illusions. They drop it all on the road with a marvelous track which will open your mind again to what is possible, when you aren’t caged inside.

Hear this awesome new single on Spotify and see more news via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That Heavy Sound: Bitvert turns up the volume to impressive levels on ‘Bad Influencer’

With a deeply heart-stopping driving sound that has you thinking about all those fun days and nights at your favorite festival pre-covid, Bitvert has our alert minds in a terrific twist of brewing excitement with ‘Bad Influencer’.

Bitvert is an established DIY electronic music producer and live performer, who cleverly fuses through the underground soundscapes within, to bring us bass-thumping electronica and total ear-loving disruption, throughout this hair-lifting experience that has you feeling alive.

You close your eyes and imagine being all sweaty and damp with total excitement, your body sways with the vibe and you feel like you are alight with desire, edged hungrily into your eyes.

Bad Influencer’ from the supremely creative East London electronic producer Bitvert, shows us into the world from before, as we bounce up and down from the powerful bass that has you in absolute joy. This is a fast-paced song that is full on techno-filled, for your happy body to wrap tightly into.

Stream this top track on Soundcloud and see more visuals on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

SQUARMS – Consequences feat John Dole: Dynamically Divergent Electronic Hip Hop

Newcastle, UK’s most promising Alt Electronica trailblazers SQUARMS’ latest single ‘Consequences’ is a dynamic DIY celebration of the UK underground. With groovingly sharp hooks which will lacerate you with 90s Pop nostalgia amongst elements of Indie Dreampop and gritty Hip Hop, Consequences is a smorgasbord of culture and style.

With every progression, there’s a new unpredictable evolution in the artist’s limitlessly expressive and intimate sound which borrows elements from the past to bridge the gaps between Hip Hop and Electronica scenes.

Newcastle’s aural contributions may frequently be overlooked, but tracks as eclectically indulgent as Consequences are hard to ignore.

You can check out Consequences for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast