8udDha bl0od – L3m0n 50Ul – 7h!5 L0<3ly F33ling: Soulfully Striking Alt Folk Rock

8udDha bl0od

L3m0n 50Ul – 7h!5 L0<3ly F33ling is just one of the upcoming releases from the enviably talented Brighton-based artist 8udDha bl0od. The Psych Alt Folk single pulls in a myriad of nuances, but from the first hit, it will feel like home.

If you could imagine a soundscape as evocatively compelling as Elliot Smith’s tender classics, as Stylistic as Kurt Vile’s approach to Blues, and as kaleidoscopically warm as a track from King Crimson, you’ll get a good idea of the ingenuity which spills from L3m0n 50Ul – 7h!5 L0<3ly F33ling.

Despite the sweet absolving layers of soul weaved into L3m0n 50Ul – 7h!5 L0<3ly F33ling it’s still an emotionally weighted single which will stick to your synapses long after the track has faded to a close.

You’ll be able to check out L3m0n 50Ul – 7h!5 L0<3ly F33ling for yourselves from July 27th via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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