Ben Burke releases latest single The Winds Of Change: Spreading positivity through the powerful creations of music and sound

Ben Burke released his latest track ‘’The Winds Of Change’’. A song that sheds a positive vision of hope for the world and humanity.

A mixture of Rock, Soul Music and Pop Music, sharing similarities to artist like James Bay, he has this soft calming voice and through every lyric there’s this roar emotion that cuts through it, trying to let his listeners hear what he has to say through suspenseful high-pitch vocals.

The instrumentals consist of acoustic riffs, clashes of the drums and the fast pace overpowering sound of the piano. Towards the end everything gets that little bit heavier and quicker as the vocals begin to pick up there pace and this overwhelming feeling of suspense, it just shows how much a change in the overall sound can engage a listener a lot more and makes the track a lot more intriguing to listen too.

Ben Burke has shined a light on the importance of living life to the full and how important it is to look out for one another, spreading positivity and happiness throughout this amazing piece of music, with a voice you just have to love. It’ll be exciting to see what Ben has planned for the rest of his endeavours within the music world.

Check out Ben Burke’s The Wind Of Change by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall

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