Been Through It: Aaso Magic knows that she won’t be burnt again on Mad Face

Showing us right inside the scorned outlook of a young woman who has grown tired of being let down, Aaso Magic opens up the door and leads us right into the moment when he saw that harrowing Mad Face.

Aaso Magic aka Fastlane Rollin is a New Jersey, USA-based indie hip hop artist, singer and writer who makes those dynamic tracks that are hard to forget.

On form and turning up the heat with a song you can’t possibly ignore, Aaso Magic is simply excellent and drops bars to be enthralled by. His flow is explosive and there is so much ponder here about a true story that reflects the current carnage in so many romantic lives.

Mad Face from New Jersey, USA-based indie hip hop artist Aaso Magic is a really honest insight into seeing a striking moment that might change everything forever. Showing us the other side as he understands why the mood changed, this is a single for anyone who has been hurt romantically too many times.

Rapped with an accurate reflection at the situation and heightened with a pulsation production to rattle your bones, to make you wonder why some love to emotionally scar others for fun.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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