Battle Of The Egos – Hyena Swat: Air guitars to the ready!

Ah children! Fck the neighbours and put this song on full blast the minute you get out bed. Perform to your crowd-less room with abandon in your PJ’s and play your untuned air guitar just for the hell of it! ‘Battle of The Egos’ by Hyena Swat is teeming with intensity and birr. The vocals are red-blooded and fused artistically with a kinetic track that pushes all other thoughts into the background. The relatable message is interlaced with an incredibly boisterous guitar groove in a particularly imaginative way, climaxing with a breathtakingly good bridge.

Sam Saveri is the force behind Hyena Swatt. His songs are made in co-operation with Finnish and American musicians. The drummer Mike A. is known for his work as a band member of the late legend, Scott Weiland. Hyena Swat will continue to write and release high energy rock music in the future and has no intention of slowing down. Headbangers worldwide will be better off for

This track as it is chock-full of melodrama and thrills. If you remain motionless listening to ‘Battle Of The Egos’, you’re probably in a coma. Sorry kid!

Listen to ‘Battle Of The Egos’ by Hyena Swatt on Spotify and prepare to be blown away! Enjoy!

Review by Susan Harriott

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