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It’s all coming up Leone after the rapper’s official debut single, Gotta Love It

The independent rap artist Leone instantly won us over with the witty one-liners and nostalgic samples in his debut single, Gotta Love It. We really do.

The track opens with the acknowledgement of the varying perceptions that will greet you every time you make a move and do anything but wither in isolation and silence. It’s a powerful introduction to the Helsinki-based artist’s distinctive soulful charisma that flows right through this smooth feat of old-school inspired hip hop that puts a brand-new spin on those jazzy sepia-tinged tones.

Leon may only be at the start of his career, but he’s already proven that he has what it takes to break through the oversaturated-with-chancers music industry. Watch this space. He’s undoubtedly going to fill it with witty introspective gold that challenges your perceptions.

Gotta Love It is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Sick Of This Town: Groovy Finnish band Daggerplay can’t wait to be around true friends again on ‘Castaway’

As they get tossed out from bar to bar, whilst trying to find the right place to call home, Daggerplay stroll around this angry town in hopes of finding that friendly face on ‘Castaway‘.

Daggerplay is a free-spirited indie Punk-Rock band who are based in Helsinki, Finland, and they bring us a tasty ska-flavoured treat to munch on famishedly.

With lyrics based on own experiences quite dark at times about growing up in a small town in Finland and the crazy years living London, but at the same time not forgetting the hope and humour of it all.” ~ Daggerplay

There is so much to like about a song with a real spunk of energy, the rip-roaring riffs have you feeling so energized like you have just been charged, with honest vocals that lets you into this sad story of feeling so alone.

Guided by the storytelling outsider, the fellow walker meets some real life characters like pushers, lowlifes, homeless and of course High street Jesus who´s carrying a huge cross in the middle of the busy streets where passers-by rush away from the inner city back to safe of the suburbs.” ~ Daggerplay

Castaway‘ from the Helsinki, Finland-based indie Punk-Rock act Daggerplay, is a fine effort from a top quality band who certainly pack a lot of heat in their armor. Their perfect-for-festival-sound is a delightful experience to jump happily into, as they take us on a story that is so familar, as we have all seem that person who can’t seem to fit in no matter how hard they try.

Finding your tribe is so hard, yet so vital in this click-quick world.

See this cleverly-made video on YouTube and see their movements via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Battle Of The Egos – Hyena Swat: Air guitars to the ready!

Ah children! Fck the neighbours and put this song on full blast the minute you get out bed. Perform to your crowd-less room with abandon in your PJ’s and play your untuned air guitar just for the hell of it! ‘Battle of The Egos’ by Hyena Swat is teeming with intensity and birr. The vocals are red-blooded and fused artistically with a kinetic track that pushes all other thoughts into the background. The relatable message is interlaced with an incredibly boisterous guitar groove in a particularly imaginative way, climaxing with a breathtakingly good bridge.

Sam Saveri is the force behind Hyena Swatt. His songs are made in co-operation with Finnish and American musicians. The drummer Mike A. is known for his work as a band member of the late legend, Scott Weiland. Hyena Swat will continue to write and release high energy rock music in the future and has no intention of slowing down. Headbangers worldwide will be better off for

This track as it is chock-full of melodrama and thrills. If you remain motionless listening to ‘Battle Of The Egos’, you’re probably in a coma. Sorry kid!

Listen to ‘Battle Of The Egos’ by Hyena Swatt on Spotify and prepare to be blown away! Enjoy!

Review by Susan Harriott

Alex ja Armottomat – Sateisena Sunnuntaina: International Indie

Alex ja Armottomat is a Helsinki based artist, who, lets face it, you’ve probably never heard before, so it’s my job to tell you just how sensational this Indie Rock collective is when it comes to orchestrating tracks that make your heart skip a beat, even if you have to read the lyrics as subtitles.

Alex ja Armottomat’s latest track is accompanied by one of the most poignantly depressing music videos that the 21st century has seen, yet, in all of its quaintest charms it melts your heart paired against morosely muted vocals and the unmistakable rhythm of a raw acoustic Blues guitar.

Their debut track Sateisena Sunnuntaina was released last December, in all of it’s soulful Blues Rock Pop glory which is impossible to compare to other artists out there, it truly is in a league of its own with its strangely uplifting glory.

If you feel like adding a little culture to your music collection, make sure you check out the official music video to Sateisena Sunnuntaina using the YouTube link below:

-Amelia Vandergast

Since November release moving track ‘Star System’

Bright pianos and organic strings don’t always get grouped in with lively breakbeat influences. After hearing Star System by Since November, you’ll be asking why this is the case. Soft vocals that would be expected to fit into more electronic settings become the perfect glue for awe-inspired arpeggios and reverent string arrangements. This track defies convention and expectation. In its wake is unadulterated possibility.

To call this song uplifting would be a grand oversimplification. This song may bring a sense of freedom and even a smile to your face, but this song has more than a good time in store. There is beauty here and it’s worth dwelling on. It’s repetitive but never boring and every time the loop breaks, it feels as if you’ve discovered a completely new outlook on the world around you.

Star System shows you the door to frontiers that aren’t always accessible. This is what so many people love about music in a general sense. It rekindles our nostalgias, enhances our good times, and understands us when we’re down. Since November has something different in mind though. The mission here is to move people.  Mission certainly accomplished. One can only hope more artists take notice of the style exuded on this track. If not, we can eagerly anticipate more from Since November.

-Paul Weyer

A&R Factory Present: Polanski

POLANSKI takes on the work of the 90’s, bringing back music that used to heavily resonate within the communities that love distorted guitars, psychedelic sounds and escapism in it’s lyrical form.

Bursting out from the worn-out scene of Helsinki, Finland, this band delivers it’s vision in a very unabashed way. The hungry, unapologizing musical performance of the band is tied together with a self sanctifying and unyielding lyrical and vocal dispatch that leaves everything on the table.

This band will most likely make you reminisce the times when appealing, enigmatic and self- conscious rock music was still very much alive and celebrated. Think over, this band is happening right now.

Check out No Will No Way From the ‘Medicine’ EP released 1st April 2016