Bari is here with his smooth R&B vibe to avoid a ‘’Dizaster Interlude’’

Clean kicks, impressing the ladies and breaking hearts behind the mic. ‘Bari’ impresses on lovers anthem ‘’Love Is a Fairytale’’ and this is his latest single called ’Dizaster Interlude’’.

This US based R&B Rapper has all the ingredients to cut it up with the best and he shows his voice off to the max on this song. The music has some autotune but he is able to move past this and I’m sure it’s just a phase. There is some Wiz Khalifa in him and he will surely add more to his repertoire as he learns more about the game. 

There is talent here in bucket loads and this will definitely be your girls favorite Rapper. Look for ‘Bari’ to make a push to the top in 2021 with his unmistakable charm and romantic music.

Get more Bari for those late nights with your loved one.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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