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That Hot Late Night: THEMXXNLIGHT bring the pulsating heat with steaming visuals for ‘Naughty or Nice’ (feat. Wiz Khalifa)

Produced by Sledgren, Jacobi and Soriano, fast-rising RnB hit duo THEMXXNLIGHT charmingly return with their hot new single after the massive success of ‘Body Language‘, with the sensually sensational ‘Naughty or Nice(feat. Wiz Khalifa).

Akash and Krish Chandani aka THEMXXNLIGHT are a mightily confident Indian-American California-based indie RnB duo and identical twins. They bring on board the legendary Wiz Khalifa for this outstanding track with so much bounce, you can’t help but nod your head in ultimate joyful excitement.

Featuring direction by GShots and Joe Hood, the stimulating visuals here bring us smoothly into this drink-filled story of knowing what you want. This is the feeling of looking into her glittering eyes and wondering deeply is she is a good girl, or if she is looking for that bad girl kind of evening.

The vocals are brilliantly polished with class and mixed with the impressive feature of a hip-hop great, and this is one of those summer tracks to marvel gloriously with. This is the dance floor filler, as the atmosphere has you looking for that fun night, with a sexy track which has you swaying your whole body all night to.

Naughty or Nice(feat. Wiz Khalifa) from the excellent California-based RnB twin duo THEMXXNLIGHT, is a house-party winner if there ever was one. With a lusciously tasty beat, gorgeous visuals and featuring three world class artists in their prime, this is a sure-fire hit that has your whole delighted body in absolute euphoria.

See this party-lit music video on YouTube and see more news via their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Bari is here with his smooth R&B vibe to avoid a ‘’Dizaster Interlude’’

Clean kicks, impressing the ladies and breaking hearts behind the mic. ‘Bari’ impresses on lovers anthem ‘’Love Is a Fairytale’’ and this is his latest single called ’Dizaster Interlude’’.

This US based R&B Rapper has all the ingredients to cut it up with the best and he shows his voice off to the max on this song. The music has some autotune but he is able to move past this and I’m sure it’s just a phase. There is some Wiz Khalifa in him and he will surely add more to his repertoire as he learns more about the game. 

There is talent here in bucket loads and this will definitely be your girls favorite Rapper. Look for ‘Bari’ to make a push to the top in 2021 with his unmistakable charm and romantic music.

Get more Bari for those late nights with your loved one.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

KEEM’s “Work” – A Lush Rap Tune With A Dance-Friendly Flavour!

Keem recently set out to release a brand new single titled “Work”. The song is a great example of the artist’s vision and strong affinity for powerful melodies, infectious rhythms and edgy lyrics.

Keem really stands out for the ability to seamlessly arrange a track, balancing every element in the track tastefully. The song’s production is also worth a special mention: the sound is crips, direct and energetic, going for a refreshing state-of-the art tone that can easily rival world class hits.

The song has a very broad dynamic range, moving from a lush and atmospheric intro, up to a rich and detailed chorus that really takes the song to some stunning emotional heights.

With “Work”, Keem managed to reinforce his sound and reaffirm his direction, while welcoming new and exciting influences in his formula.

As a result, “Work” really feels like an appealing and spontaneous track that reminds me of the work of artists such as Wiz Khalifa, Lil’B or Tupac, just to mention but a few. The matching music video also offers a stunning backdrop to this wonderful track.