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S.N.O drops fantastic debut darkwave track ”Psychopath”

US artist S.N.O (Seriously No One) is a new Dark-wave synth-pop indie singer-songwriter. She has just dropped her debut track that is moody and an absolute revelation. It’s called ”Psychopath” and you need to turn this up loud.

Psychopath” is about making the connection between the trauma we are exposed to and how those experiences shape who we become. Some turn out darker than others. The beat was also home-made which makes this even better. A socket wrench from the garage paired with a sturdy knife on a sharpening block from S.N.O’s kitchen is the backbone of the song and this truly makes the track so uniquely awesome.

S.N.O is completely unshackled now and this is a song that is brooding and thought-provoking. I love the vocals that make me listen again and again. Her voice is cutting edge and this is one of the more intriguing releases of 2020.

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Stream this fab track right here on Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Super Digital impress on Hip Hop fire track ”Go For Broke”

US Hip Hop act Super Digital send through a message to the whole galaxy with their latest smash single ”Go For Broke”. This is rugged and real Hip Hop that is inspired by how crazy life is.

Taken off the album that was 6 years in the making-”From The Boardroom Back To The Block”, this is a fantastic song that I really vibe with. I think it’s because ”Go For Broke” is a true story. You have to be ready when the time comes otherwise you will miss out and always regret what could of been.

Go For Broke” is an important track for 2020 as we need to have this mentality to survive in this wild world. When it comes to the music scene, sitting back and waiting is not usually the best method. Taking charge of your destiny is the way and Super Digital get that just right here.

Stream this brand new Hip Hop song with substance here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Bari is here with his smooth R&B vibe to avoid a ‘’Dizaster Interlude’’

Clean kicks, impressing the ladies and breaking hearts behind the mic. ‘Bari’ impresses on lovers anthem ‘’Love Is a Fairytale’’ and this is his latest single called ’Dizaster Interlude’’.

This US based R&B Rapper has all the ingredients to cut it up with the best and he shows his voice off to the max on this song. The music has some autotune but he is able to move past this and I’m sure it’s just a phase. There is some Wiz Khalifa in him and he will surely add more to his repertoire as he learns more about the game. 

There is talent here in bucket loads and this will definitely be your girls favorite Rapper. Look for ‘Bari’ to make a push to the top in 2021 with his unmistakable charm and romantic music.

Get more Bari for those late nights with your loved one.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Finnish Duo Us! Release Mature Pop Video “Miracle”

It is great when you hear bands and you struggle to see quite where it fits into the musical canon. Well, I think so anyway, what’s so good about conforming to what has gone before. That Miracle is based on a pop vibe is not in any doubt but this Finnish duo add so much more to the usual commercially viable package. Pop is at its best when it is slick and well produced, but on top of that here is a band which reveal in elegance and maturity and almost classical vocal deliveries, pop has often been big but rarely this clever.

It sits somewhere between chart accessibility and musical theatre, retaining the infectiousness of the former and absorbing the integrity of the latter, and in both audio and visual spheres Us! demonstrates that there is a welcome alternative to the jarringly saccharine careers pursued by several of her peers. Not only a great song offering an alternate take on what pop can be about but one which reminds us as much of where the genre has come from as to where it is going. Us! Are great and their success is not only most welcome it also seems inevitable.