Bahrain-based band Hotboxgroove are at their groovy best on Midnight Blooms

With a mysteriously frightening intro that shall stun your senses awake, Hotboxgroove shows us why they’re so highly regarded on the underground with an instrumental gem to play loud right now on Midnight Blooms.

Hotboxgroove is a Bahrain-based indie alternative 6-piece band who fuses together a potent mix of jazz, blues and funky psychedelic to get hearts beating worldwide.

Displaying so much skill and precise timings to solidify a quite outstanding performance, Hotboxgroove has the power to change the mood of the world with a monumental anthem of patience with Midnight Blooms and they certainly deliver. Brimming with a head-nodding style which shall get your soul alive quickly, we find a rather special song waiting to be loved.

Midnight Blooms from Bahrain-based indie alternative 6-piece band Hotboxgroove is a track that might get even the sleepiest souls to awaken from the dead again. Circulating with a world class sound that has so much value in a world with so much sadness, and shall get that blood flow streaming properly again.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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