Bahbiss Cobb celebrates feminine power and autonomy in his latest alt-electronica mix, Squabble with Oats

Bahbiss Cobb (AKA Eric Curry) dedicated his latest spill of ambient electronica, Squabble with Oats, to women around the world as a recognition for all that they are and all that their autonomy creates when they dance to the beat of their own drum.

The syncopated percussion and vortexes of swirling electronica transfuse in the soundscape to create a hypnotic ambient effect in the extended mix which lands on the visceral side of mesmerism. Genre-wise, no EDM branch was out of reach, but the industrial rhythms are the most strident ingredient in the release that is emboldening and invigorating in equal measure.

Stream Squabble with Oats on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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