Back Here Again: Madraykin saunters in confidently with powerfully sung new single ‘Black Cat’

With sensationally captivating vocals and a sassy yet lovable style that has you looking for the water bowl to fill it up, Madraykin is quite stupendous on the terrific new track that will have you thinking that you need to claw out of the dark hole for good to find true peace on ‘Black Cat‘.

Madraykin is a fairly new and exciting noir folk musical project from Gloucestershire musician Madeleine Harwood. She terrifically explores deep and philosophical issues through her exciting cross-genre music, that is rather hard to place carefully into any specific kitty scratch pad.

This is the follow-up to the wonderfully supported ‘The Heart Has A Thousand Tongues‘, and you feeling her dynamic vocals delivered with such ferocious velocity. Each note swirls in like a perfect storm that grabs you close and takes you to exactly where it wants to go. This is the true sign of a skilled musician who performs with such vigor and determination – albeit with a rare touch of underrated class – that is so hard to find in this copycat world of posers at every corner.

Madraykin explains: “The black cat signifies depression, and the relationship that a depressive state can have with our mental health – you can both despise it and long for the comfort of its familiarity. The song was bourne out of a song writing session with Boo Hewerdine and it was interesting to take things in a brooding, melancholy direction and talk
about the black cat we are all working with in lockdown. “I wanted to put something out with a similar noir vibe to my debut single, but I hope this is an even more raw and soulful offering on a subject that many others will relate to at the
moment.” – Madraykin

Black Cat was written and composed by Madeleine and Boo Hewerdine and recorded by Chris Pepper at Saltwell Studios, Cambridgeshire. The orchestral arrangement is courtesy of David Kernohan and Madeleine’s vocals are accompanied by Chris on drums and percussion, bass, piano, electric guitar and keyboards, Ailie Robertson on harp and Elaine Lennon on backing vocals.” – Madraykin

Black Cat‘ from the emerging noir folk artist from Gloucestershire, UK Madraykin, scratches at the door and slides sneakily into our heart with willful abandon. This is the type of mysteriously enchanting song that might put a spell on you, as you fall into the moment and wish that more music would be as pure and even half as fascinating as this.

Stream this stunning new single on Soundcloud and check out the Twitter music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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