Methyl Lily – Unmixed with Gray: Transcendentally Compelling Ambient Electronica

“Unmixed with Gray” is just one of the melodically masterful soundscapes to feature on up and coming ambient electro artist & producer Methyl Lily’s latest EP “Useless Metamorphosis”.

With his unique electronic instrumental arrangement, you’re treated to a compelling, yet synergistically transcendental score which demands to be heard at high volume. Thankfully – the rich and clear production on the track makes for an immersively concordant aural experience.

Unmixed with Gray hits you with the immediate impression that you’re not listening to a vanity project unravel. Instead the extended length 9 minute instrumental track explores artistic visions, through the contrasts of emotion exuded from each deftly placed note. Rather than allowing Unmixed with Gray to progress with just one tonality you’re moved from the celestial vibrance of the piano melodies to far darker sounds which are as equally potent.

You can check out Methyl Lily’s latest EP for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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