Arswain – Pleasure: Pensively Raw Progressive House

Ahead of their forthcoming album LA artist Arswain has provided the perfect aural teaser with their pensively raw single “Pleasure”.

It’s not all too often I’ll hear vocals in Progressive House which captivate me. But through a mix of strikingly evocative lyrics and bitingly convictive vocals, Pleasure was a track which didn’t fail to let the melancholy it was born from resonate.

While the constant evolutions in the soundscape play a heavy hand in ensuring that you’re as arrested by the prelude as you are in the outro, ultimately, Pleasure finds its distinction in its ability to spill emotion from caustic and futuristic tones. Even though Pleasure is seamlessly melodic, there’s still a stormy sense of chaos within the soundscape which stays with you long after it has faded out.

You can stream and download Arswain’s latest single by heading over to Bandcamp now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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