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Mild Horses unleashed avant-garde chaos in his genre-defying electronica release, Eye of the Behemoth

Eye Of The Behemoth by Mild Horses

Mild Horses, the experimental brainchild of Matthew Leuw, previously known for his roles in various underground bands, including Norwich’s Crest and Brighton’s Coin-op, has returned with ‘Eye of the Behemoth’.

The single seizes the listener with its lo-fi synth melodies grounded on a solid backbeat, before erupting into a drum n bass rhythmic firestorm. Not merely content to rest here, it pushes the boundaries further with sharp horn stabs, marking a bold foray into avant-garde territory. As the track progresses, the intense energy momentarily retreats into more subdued, jazzy grooves that infuse the piece with psychedelic tranquillity, setting the stage for a climactic resurgence. The finale of this instrumental odyssey is a masterclass in musical composition—returning full circle with a powerful beat that perfectly encapsulates the track’s dynamic range.

‘Eye of the Behemoth’ is not just another experimental track; it is a statement of artistic integrity from Mild Horses. This single does exactly what it promises—immersing its audience in an artfully crafted storm of sound that resonates long after the last note fades. It’s an assertive piece that boldly declares Mild Horses’ niche in the eclectic landscape of contemporary music. For fans of genre-defying soundscapes, this release is an essential experience, offering both challenge and reward in its complex layers.

Stream and purchase Eye of the Behemoth ahead of its official release date of May 10th on Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Ari Khan warned of ‘The Art of Seduction’ in her experimentally meta electro-pop hit

Ari Khan

Inspired by the Robert Greene book, The Art of Seduction, the experimental pop artist and bedroom producer, Ari Khan, mused her latest single, which shares the same title and gives the mind’s perspective under the influence of passionate persuasion. The artfully disorientating drunk on love production efficaciously exposits how control is relinquished and our grip on material reality slips when we surrender to the lust-licked designs of another.

“I wrote this song when I was home (in Alaska) over the holidays because I had recently read the Robert Greene book and realized a certain ex of mine had followed it like an instruction manual. This same ex texted me on Christmas Eve trying to pull me back in. I wrote the first verse right after receiving his text, the lyrics are ‘Regrets, you have none. that’s just a card you play, to see if I am done.’ It was all so obvious to me from a distance. But I remembered how blinded I was when we first met. I was broke and trying to make it in LA, I was in a very vulnerable position. He promised me the world and built up all these fantasies.”

As the soundscape evolves and allows you to fall down the rabbit hole of Ari Khan’s hypnotic artistry, her lush vocals keep the dynamic pace, demurely arcane in one breath, dominantly ensnaring in the next. The vocal progressions are as mind-bending as the breakbeats, especially when the cybernetic distortions confluence the vocal melodies with the genre-fluid instrumental alchemy.

The Alaska-born artist with Iranian and Irish roots can attribute much of her distinctive sonic signature to her unconventional artistic journey, which took her from studying musical theatre in NYC to studying EDM production in LA. Yet, it is her determination to allow energy to take the lead and her complete disregard for genre constraints which sees her music resound with exhilaratingly infectious flair.

The Art of Seduction will be available to stream on all major platforms from April 12th via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Face the wrath of Moose Wrench’s synthesised surrealism through their latest single, Ginnel Dick

Not Dead Yet by Moose Wrench

Moose Wrench, a Leeds-based alternative outfit, propelled us into a vortex of macabre synthetics with their latest single, Ginnel Dick, from their debut album, Not Dead Yet. This track is an audacious escapade into the realms of electro-cyberpunk, infused with a Lynchian nightmare aesthetic and Kafkaesque surrealism. The song is a cacophony of genre-bending sounds that merge to form a unique auditory experience, making Moose Wrench a standout in the “dad-bod alt-core” scene, which they created because no other genre pigeon-hole is wide enough for the sheer insanity that ensues once you hit play.

After an 80s horror-adjacent intro, the single opens with a punchy, rolling beat reminiscent of Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, setting the tone for what is to unfold. As the track progresses, it spills over into a psychedelically dark atmosphere, transforming the listening experience into something akin to a séance rather than a mere song. The symphonic synthscape towards the outro echoes the dramatic flair of a Cradle of Filth release, adding an operatic depth to the already rich sonic tapestry.

It’s a masterfully twisted orchestration that mocks conventional structures and sounds and is a testament to the trio’s ability to confront and creatively express life’s annoyances, from poor driving to the existential dread of mid-life. It is a must-listen for those seeking a fresh, unconventional sound.

Ginnel Dick will debut across all major streaming platforms on December 18th; in the run-up to the official release, purchase the single on Bandcamp.  

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The Ecuadorian Pop Priestess NÍNIVE alchemised explosively ethereal ingenuity in ‘Solo En Ti’

Following the spiritually beguiling prelude of ethereal vocals and minimalist electronic melodicism, the transition into the high-octane installation of fierce feminine energy with body-slamming beats to boot you into rhythmic arrest is a broadsiding testament to the boundless ingenuity of the one and only NÍNIVE.

For her seminal single, Solo En Ti, NÍNIVE collaborated with the world-renowned music producer Enrique Gonzalez, who has worked with everyone from Metallica to Tina Turner to Nine Inch Nails; together, they sonically solidified the Ecuadorian alternative artist’s claim to the pop throne.

Put her on your radar and watch her ascend even further with her forthcoming album; the ingenuity that the LP will breathe was teased by the explosive alchemy within Solo En Ti. If Mitski swallowed an atom bomb, her avant-garde stylings still wouldn’t come close to this scintillating Tour De Force.

Clearly, her strong musical background has served her well. NÍNIVE began her musical education at a young age at the National Conservatory of Quito and furthered her vocal studies at the College of Music at Universidad San Francisco de Quito (a Berklee Global Partner). She also holds a Masters of Music in Songwriting from Bath Spa University.

Solo En Ti will break ground on the airwaves on September 15; stream it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Transcend to a new distorted dimension with the post-rock instrumentals in Bundle of His’ latest single, Patches

Úr Ur by Bundle Of His

If Grandaddy dialled the polyphonic distortion and fuzz up to 11, their sweet synthy melodies would be as infectiously muddy as the electro post-rock tones in the latest single, Patches, from the artist and producer, Bundle of His.

With a touch of Kraftwerk melded into his intrinsically authentic instrumental hits, the Outer Hebrides-based artist pushes the envelope beyond the limits most dare to, and his instrumental lo-fi tracks are all the more alluring for it.

After an illness got in the way of the artist playing bass in various bands in Glasgow and the Outer Hebrides, it is safe to say Bundle of His didn’t fail to bring his bass-driven ingenuity to life as a producer.

Patches was officially released on January 1st. It is now available to stream and purchase via Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Take a psychonautic trip through the cosmos with Nanoman Mucker Mush’s alt-electro single, Lost in Space

UK alt-electro originator, Nanoman Mucker Mush, used the fabric of the universe as a muse in his drone-heavy old-skool downtempo acid techno release, Lost in Space.

Nanoman Mucker Mush’s spoken-word vocals that allow you to imagine what the Prodigy would have sounded like if they recorded in the midst of a meditation session resound over the glitchy trip-hoppy instrumentals that push you far beyond the earth’s atmosphere into the vast, dark and cold cosmos.

The orchestral instrumentals add a touch of filmic flair to the gravity-defying release, while the lyrics keep the hit gritty with street attitude. It’s a potent combination that makes for a psychonautic trip you won’t regret going on.

Lost in Space hit the airwaves on December 19. Check it out via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

TaidiClub pours soul across a harsh electronic landscape in his latest single, Rome

The up-and-coming alternative artist, TaidiClub traversed love, life, and dreams in his scintillating LP, Lovin3D! The standout single, Rome, puts vulnerable, harmonised pop vocal lines across harsh and discordant beats as a striking exposition of what it means to be human in a jarring and inhospitable world that would chew you up and spit you out given half of the chance.

The industrial meets post-punk EBM beats is a markable sonic shift away from the mainstream, but TadiClub’s sweet vocal timbre that will be a hit with any fans of the Weeknd and the Midnight pulls the track right back to the realms of commercial potential. Only the soulfully defunct can let Rome fade to a close without being absorbed by the uninhibited ingenuity.

Rome will officially release on October 28th; check it out on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Post-hardcore goes electro-pop in I was the ocean once’s latest single, Heavy Love

Post-hardcore underwent an electronic renovation in I was the ocean once’s latest single, Heavy Love. After a scratchy turntable intro, a Deathstars-Esque sense of discord and heavy electro angst feeds into the pretty hate soundscape that toys with elements of electro-pop and hip hop. I say ‘toys’ think of Pinhead with a puzzle box!

It’s a scathing feat of experimentalism that won’t be for everyone. But for those inclined to dabble in vehement driven schizophrenically electric records, delve right into this cathartically raw outpour of visceral ‘love’. It is sure to hit the existential spot.

Heavy Love is now available to stream on YouTube.

Check out I was the ocean once via their official website, and follow them on Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Saint Josie speaks for ‘The Lost’ in her indie electro-clash anthem

After her 2020 debut, the independent electronica artist and producer Saint Josie has picked up ample traction with her rock-licked feats of alt-electro. Their latest single, The Lost, is a bass-drenched remedy for the outliers, for anyone that doesn’t fit in with the constrictive constraints of normalcy and finds themselves astray by their authenticity.

Saint Josie’s music and content as a social media influencer focus on her experience as a trans woman, documenting her daily life and transcribing her journey, healing and growth. The Lost, despite its emotionally balanced depth, is an awakening electro-clash anthem which will show you just how sweet it can be when you truly embody your own autonomy. Fans of Fischerspooner will easily make The Lost a playlist staple.

The Lost was officially released on October 1st. Hear it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Alt electro producer Z3LDA delivered cinematic hyper euphoria in their sophomore single, Sincerely, All Caps

The US electronic music composer and computer programmer, Z3LDA, delivered cinematically hyper euphoria with their sophomore single, Sincerely All Caps.

After a series of vocal samples that get you in the right space for the histrionic sonic suggestion, rugged post-punk bass guitars, and one hell of an astutely fraught spacey build-up, the progressive mix descends into a dizzying blend of hard techno and psytrance with a mind-bending BPM. Frenetic enough to make most dubstep sound ambient.

If any new electronic artist deserves to go viral this year, on the basis of the sheer gravitas of Sincerely, All Caps, it is Z3LDA. Love it for the escapism. Love it for the insanity. Love it for the personality, whatever you do, don’t let this stratospherically stellar release slip you by.

Sincerely, All Caps is now available to stream on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast