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Stefan – The Surface (Radio Edit): Obscurely Progressive Electronica

The feat of aural insanity which breaking Alt Electronica artist Stefan offers through their standout track “The Surface” is not to be missed. Especially for fans of darkly obscure progressive Electronica.

What starts off as a laid-back Instrumental EDM Hip Hop soundscape seamlessly morphs into a high-octane Trance hit complete with plenty of pulsating energy.

I’ve listened to my fair share of experimental electronica. And it’s safe to say that Stefan is offering peerlessly distinctive mixes. Their devilish ability to hook you into a mix which will never allow you to guess what’s coming is all too refreshing. And it’s all the more reason to place The Surface on your playlists so you can give it the repeat attention it will demand once you’ve heard it.

You can check out the radio edit of Stefan’s latest track for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


8udDha bl0od – YAng: Experimental Electronic Transcendence

If your usual transcendent soundscapes don’t allow you to reach the same plateau anymore, you’ll want to check out up and coming experimental artist 8udDha bl0od’s uniquely upraising single “YAng”.

YAng was ingeniously released alongside their similar mix “Y!n” in March 2020. The tones are slightly more ominous in Yang, however, both of the immersive instrumental mixes efficaciously dominate your consciousness. So, even though you can detect phantasmal hints of melancholy and conflict, by the time you reach the outro, you’ll feel suitably aurally cleansed.

Tracks such as YAng which require a deep intrinsic investment may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But we can definitely appreciate 8udDha bl0od’s ability to lock into your psyche and arrest your emotions.

You can check out 8udDha bl0od’s single Yang for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Sun Lite – Dog and Pony Show: Transiently Cathartic, Psychedelically Captivating Ambient Electronica

If it has been a while since an electronica artist has left you pleasantly captivated, hit play on the indulgently soulful yet spacey mix “Dog & Pony Show” from artist and producer Sun Lite.

The single possesses an unparalleled amount of transiently cathartic groove inspired by the same blissful mellifluous tones of King Crimson, while accidentally being of appeal to any fans of Pink Floyd.

Immersing yourself into Dog & Pony Show is the aural equivalent to throwing yourself into a rabbit hole of kaleidoscopic colour. There’s an ethereal air to the single, but in its essence, it’s a soundscape rooted in abstract serenity.

The instrumentals may be light and restorative, but Sun Lite took the opportunity to use the ambient track to highlight the prolific issue of populism. All things considered, Sun Lite feels like the artist we never knew we needed right now.

You can check out Sun Lite’s latest mix Dog & Pony Show for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Margot White – Face to Face: Artfully Distinctive Electronic Indie Pop

Up and coming Electronic Indie Pop artist Margot White recently made her debut with the unforgettable playfully ominous earworm “Face to Face”.

With Margot White’s experimentalism and infectious attitude combined, my mind quickly pulled reminiscences between hers and Peaches’  unapologetically expressive Pop. But you’ll also find spacey innovative influences from artists such as Bjork which allows Face to Face to fall under the label of artistic instead of alternative.

It really is no surprise that so many people have been drawn to Margot White’s sultry succinct sound. Comparisons may be there to iconic artists, yet that iconic feel is all too perceptible within Face to Face.

You can check out Margot White’s debut single Face to Face along with the follow-up EP “I Saw It On the Radio” for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


SBX – Vipers: Ambiently Dystopian Alt Electronica

“Vipers” is the latest mix to be released by up and coming London-based Alt Electronica artist SBX. If you’re looking for chilled Electronica which comes with plenty of bite, your playlists will thank you for putting SBX on your radar.

Finding distinction in instrumental electronica is usually like looking for a needle in a haystack, but there is a perceptible amount of authenticity within Vipers. While there are some elements of ambience infused into the single, there’s also an ensnaring amount of veracity which has weaved its way into the mix through the almost tribalistic and warm percussion. Combine that with spacey transcendental effects and a slightly dystopian soundtrack feel and Vipers is an electronic mix not easily forgotten.

You can check out SBX’s single Vipers for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Divine Astronaut – Undone: Darkly Ensnaring Alt Electronica

Any fans of Portishead, Massive Attack, and Bjork are going to want to check out the debut single “Undone” from the Electronic duo Divine Astronaut.

There’s a uniquely foreboding atmospheric feel to Undone, but simultaneously, it was also one of the most solacing soundscapes I’ve heard this year. Yes, Undone came with a slightly apocalyptic feel, but the downtempo pacing of the instrumentals meant that even though they were doom-laden, they still provided plenty of catharses.

There’s a succinct delicacy to Undone which has plenty to do with Livvy Holland’s striking yet reassuring vocals; I really don’t make reference to the aforementioned artists lightly. With Holland’s vocals, and Moonhead’s production and multi-instrumentalism combined, Undone was a pioneering feat of Alt Electro ingenuity.

Instead of relying on harsh cacophonous noise to bring weight to the single, the gentle dystopian tones are sobering enough to leave you captivated from the prelude to the outro, and for a fair time after that. Divine Astronaut isn’t the type of Electronic artist easily found, and nor are they the type to be easily forgotten.

You can check out Divine Astronaut’s darkly ensnaring single Undone for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Arswain – Pleasure: Pensively Raw Progressive House

Ahead of their forthcoming album LA artist Arswain has provided the perfect aural teaser with their pensively raw single “Pleasure”.

It’s not all too often I’ll hear vocals in Progressive House which captivate me. But through a mix of strikingly evocative lyrics and bitingly convictive vocals, Pleasure was a track which didn’t fail to let the melancholy it was born from resonate.

While the constant evolutions in the soundscape play a heavy hand in ensuring that you’re as arrested by the prelude as you are in the outro, ultimately, Pleasure finds its distinction in its ability to spill emotion from caustic and futuristic tones. Even though Pleasure is seamlessly melodic, there’s still a stormy sense of chaos within the soundscape which stays with you long after it has faded out.

You can stream and download Arswain’s latest single by heading over to Bandcamp now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Zizzo World – Hate You Now: Fiercely Progressive Future Pop

It’s not all too often that you’ll get to hear guitars in a Pop single which rival the atmospheric aural treats served up by Post Punk and Shoegaze artists. But the prelude to artist and producer Zizzo World’s upcoming single “Hate You Now” instantaneously gripped our attention with the cold jangling notes.

Yet, it wasn’t all too long before Hate You Now had evolved into a high-octane mix of future pop. The build-ups are palpitatingly suspenseful, in fact, each new sequence in this constantly surprising and veracious mix will leave you gripped by the authentic energy. Even though Hate You Know is an angst-driven single, there’s plenty of biting catharsis found within the single for anyone looking to aurally vent.

We should be getting as excited about Zizzo World as we got about Chase & Status.

You can check out Zizzo World’s progressively fierce track Hate You Now for yourselves. You can also head over to SoundCloud where you’ll be able to check out earlier releases.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


D.E.L – YOU: Anime-Inspired Alt Electronica

There are very few artists who approach their soundscapes with the same artistically inclined intellectualism as D.E.L. With little regard for traditional EDM song structures, D.E.L has dared to break the expectations of what a ‘good’ electronica hit should offer. And we’re definitely here for it.

Rather than just combining melodies and harmonies, the up and coming artist blends together components of our culture and reflects the modern times through experimentally colourful electronica. For his debut single “YOU” he infused the surrealism of Japanese Anime into a perfectly polished Future Pop Hit. While YOU kicks off with a slightly archetypal prelude, due to the progressive nature of this track, it’s not long before you’re treading in unknown waters while being enamoured by D.E.L’s daring approach to Electronica

You can check out YOU along with D.E.L’s other singles for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Paraphine – “Higher Lies”: Alchemically Anthemic Alt-Electro

“Higher Lies” is the latest track to be released by St. Petersburg Alt-Electronica duo Paraphine after the success of their second single “Good Times”. They may have created a storm with Good Times, but they’ve taken Electro Pop to the next level with their electrifying, genre-defying infusion of sound in Higher Lies. There aren’t many Electro acts brave and bold enough to play around with elements that you’d be used to hearing in a Nine Inch Nails or Skrillex track but Paraphine songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Dean Korso knocked it out of the park with the aurally alchemic energy he’s able to muster in his compositions. As a fan of heavier industrial pioneers such as Skinny Puppy, KMFDM and Caustic it’s refreshing to hear a convergence of harmonious melody around the heavier reverb-soaked effects and dizzying dubbed drops.

No one ever quite expects to hear a sax in an Electro Pop hit before the outro, yet Paraphine has made quite the name for themselves with their experimental approach to full and visceral sound, and I have no doubt that this is just the beginning for the duo. The depth and the weight of the bass in Higher Lies is one thing, but the vocals from the renowned vocalist Elena Korso is quite another. Her ability to hit soaring heights with her vocals allows the poignantly penned sentiment behind the lyrics to truly resonate for an anthemically alive effect. All too often in Electro, the vocals are defiled under heavy effects, yet Elena’s vocals are already pitch perfect and run through the track unadulterated offering nothing but pure, soulful expression.

You can check out Higher Lies for yourself by heading over to SoundCloud now.

To keep up to date with their latest releases and news, head on over to Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast