ANNNA is in impeccable form on her uplifting summer-soaked anthem spraying with ‘Confetti’

After racing through TikTok and inspiring many to take up the challenge, ANNNA is at her instinctive best with a reflective track to shake your hair with on her latest ear-kisser, ‘Confetti‘.

ANNNA is an Amsterdam-born Latvian/Dutch indie music producer and pop artist who shows us her endearing love for a sustainable world away from pointless waste.

Continuing this entertaining content, in May this year, ANNNA made a post on her socials, giving anyone the chance to take part in her music video by joining her on set and popping one of her self-made, biodegradable confetti cannons. Over a 100 people signed up to meet the songstress at a secret location in Amsterdam, popping the dried-flower-filled confetti into the cameraman’s lens.” ~ ANNNA

It’s so easy to get lost in ANNNA’s sensationally stimulating voice as she shines so brightly, like an angel sent to guide us to a better place. Showing progression after her previous releases, this is a lush song to groove your booty with for hours.

Having not touched alcohol since she was 17, after 5 years, ANNNA finds herself drinking again and noticing how much more fun it can make you feel, giving you that false sense that everything is ok.” ~ ANNNA

Confetti‘ from Latvian/Dutch indie music producer and pop artist ANNNA is a vocally beautiful single that will get you off the couch and into a happier frame of mind. Showing us her ever-improving dance skills too after previously lathering up our thirsty mouth on ‘Soda‘, this is an absolute daydream of a song to bring a cheeky smile too.

Lifting high to the ceiling when you need it is always a fun way to spend your time, if you know when to stop.

Listen up to this gem of a song on Spotify and see more via her thriving IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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