Flying Free: Chris Wise and The Hidden Revolution help us find that fresh perspective on ‘Don’t Belong’

Recorded at Paul Weller’s prestigious invite-only Black Barn Studios in Sussex, with support from Ireland’s MCD Productions, Chris Wise and The Hidden Revolution return with a terrific new single about your self-worth on ‘Don’t Belong‘.

Chris Wise and The Hidden Revolution is an exuberant indie UK collaboration with an incredible team of wildly talented and experienced musicians, who put their heart and soul into each note, each verse and each moment is made with that original quality, that only the best can heal us with.

This is the true story of independence and getting away from any toxic environment, whether that be family or relationships you may have. This is about flying free so you can feel free again, away from the bad vibes, to spread your wings and go to where you feel loved and respected.

Don’t Belong‘ from Chris Wise and The Hidden Revolution, is a stunning effort from the UK outfit, who bless our tired hearts with a boost of energy, that leads us to the unlocked door that we thought was closed, but was actually open the whole time and we needed a fresh perspective, to see vividly again with that enlightening purpose.

Hear the new single here on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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