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Find Your Way: Daniel de Boer hopes for only good energy on the don’t-hide-your-pain single Fly Away

Released from the upcoming debut album Out of Shadows, Daniel de Boer shows us to let things be and to only keep genuine intentions with the terrific new single to flourish with called Fly Away.

Daniel de Boer is a Dutch indie pop singer-songwriter and bassist who was deep within the freelance world before deciding to fly further than first imagined and has started his own project by first studying at Berklee College of Music in Valencia, Spain.

In Spain, Daniel was able to realize his dream of composing and recording his own album. With a diverse band of rocking musicians, he is now presenting to the world his music, an eclectic mix of cultures and styles that come together in the pop idiom. Music that is in short: world pop.” ~ Daniel de Boer

Enthralling all listeners with something rather epic and featuring a stunningly pure music video, Daniel de Boer is on another level to most. Vocally excellent and showing us something to learn from, we find a superbly delivered soundtrack.

Fly Away from Dutch indie pop singer-songwriter and bassist Daniel de Boer is a rather wonderful single to feel enthralled by no matter the temperature. Sizzling with so much energy and life, we find a delightful experience to feel truly inspired by in a confusing romantic world.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Sub Caesar drop fierce soundtrack to light up your speakers with a futuristic winner called ‘Do You Like Our Owl?’

With possibly the most rampaging and mysterious single around as we speak, Sub Caesar certainly shakes off any unhelpful crumbs of self-doubt away for good on ‘Do You Like Our Owl?

Sub Caesar is a Dutch indie electronic music producer who makes those deliciously processed gems that are always giving your body that groove to survive this odd world.

The title refers to a scene from the classic sci-fi cult movie ‘Blade Runner’, when Deckard (Harrison Ford) first meets Rachel at Tyrell Corporation HQ. An artificial owl is featured in the lobby. “Do you like our owl?,” Rachel asks. The mini dialogue that follows is also featured on the Blade Runner score by Vangelis, that I must have played a million times.” ~ Sub Caesar

Opening up the volt with a truly throat convulsing metamorphosis that shall take your breath away into a chamber of mystique on this Sub Caesar classic bone-rattling experience, this is a turn on and repeat moment to treasure.

But my true love at that time was with bands like Pink Floyd, Genesis and Electric Light Orchestra. Space opera’s, symphonic and progressive rock. My father was a professional player in a symphony orchestra. So I also heard a lot of classical music when I was young. Even now I can not resist adding strings to a track. I love how they glue everything together, and how you can create so many atmospheres and emotions with them.” ~ Sub Caesar

Do You Like Our Owl?‘ from the mightily skilled Dutch electronic music producer Sub Caesar shows us the artificial world and then takes it all away from us in a split second. With expert sniper proficient production precision, this shall open up your eyes and gradually take you to a tornado-like dance floor that is filled with whoever you want inside.

If you need to wake up to what is actually going on. This is the soundtrack to glide cautiously inside.

Turn this up loud on Spotify and check out more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

ANNNA is in impeccable form on her uplifting summer-soaked anthem spraying with ‘Confetti’

After racing through TikTok and inspiring many to take up the challenge, ANNNA is at her instinctive best with a reflective track to shake your hair with on her latest ear-kisser, ‘Confetti‘.

ANNNA is an Amsterdam-born Latvian/Dutch indie music producer and pop artist who shows us her endearing love for a sustainable world away from pointless waste.

Continuing this entertaining content, in May this year, ANNNA made a post on her socials, giving anyone the chance to take part in her music video by joining her on set and popping one of her self-made, biodegradable confetti cannons. Over a 100 people signed up to meet the songstress at a secret location in Amsterdam, popping the dried-flower-filled confetti into the cameraman’s lens.” ~ ANNNA

It’s so easy to get lost in ANNNA’s sensationally stimulating voice as she shines so brightly, like an angel sent to guide us to a better place. Showing progression after her previous releases, this is a lush song to groove your booty with for hours.

Having not touched alcohol since she was 17, after 5 years, ANNNA finds herself drinking again and noticing how much more fun it can make you feel, giving you that false sense that everything is ok.” ~ ANNNA

Confetti‘ from Latvian/Dutch indie music producer and pop artist ANNNA is a vocally beautiful single that will get you off the couch and into a happier frame of mind. Showing us her ever-improving dance skills too after previously lathering up our thirsty mouth on ‘Soda‘, this is an absolute daydream of a song to bring a cheeky smile too.

Lifting high to the ceiling when you need it is always a fun way to spend your time, if you know when to stop.

Listen up to this gem of a song on Spotify and see more via her thriving IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Life Flies By: Chellcy Reitsma sends the lost souls a fitting tribute with ‘Happy New Year’

After previously gracing our awaiting ears with the absolute gem ‘Desolate Days’ from September 2020, the inspiring Californian-born Chellcy Reitsma sends out a tear-inducing effort for us to warmly embrace called ‘Happy New Year‘.

Chellcy Reitsma is a Valletta, Malta-based Dutch-American indie musician and poet who fuses the line between blues and alt-rock in her own incomparable way.

With such galvanizing vocals that takes your breath away for a few seconds, there is no one quite like Chellcy Reitsma. She sings like a true angel sent to guide us and shines a light on the past which hurts her – but somehow makes her stronger and more determined than ever – to make sure that her life is lived in the right way.

This feels like a story that is all about trying to stay positive and to give thanks to those who sadly can’t be here, as they have been lost into the winds of life. Sung with a heartfelt style that seems to flourish like a bird looking for a new nest, this is an emotional single that has clearly been made with so much personal attachment.

Happy New Year‘ from the Valletta, Malta-based Dutch-American indie solo artist and poet Chellcy Reitsma, is a quite stunning effort from an artist who vows to fight on no matter who is left. She misses those true souls who were a big part of her life – but knows that she is a true survivor – who will carry on in their memory and make sure that her own life is lived with true meaning and never wasted.

Hear this striking new release on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Lost And Found: Auke Hulst swims through the considerable moods of ‘The Inner Sea’

Taken off his brand new 4th album which is due for release on the 22nd December 2021 and is called ‘A Most Present Absence‘, Auke Hulst returns with the voyage-laden and pristine single all about ‘The Inner Sea‘.

Auke Hulst is a multiskilled Dutch indie musician, writer, journalist, and photographer. Recorded in his home studio during the COVID-19 lockdown, this is a deeply crafted single that has this profound creative dreaming vividly about travelling again.

Showing us his creatively thoughtful mind as it gazes longingly through his memories of being free, Auke Hulst delves deeply inside his perspective to open up that road again that he keenly seeks. His style is extremely relaxing to listen to, as it’s so easy to get intertwined into his smooth vocals which are composed with a serene feel to proceedings.

The Inner Sea‘ from the highly imaginative Dutch indie musician, writer, journalist, and photographer Auke Hulst, is a multitude-filled single that has this respected talent in a supremely reflective mood. He flourishes here on this well-constructed single, that embraces the mood of the world right now. We are all a little bit lost and a tad seasick, as we yearn for those calming days when we can travel anywhere we want with no restrictions to worry about.

Hear this peaceful soundtrack on YouTube and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Waiting For You: Sub Caesar looks for that ‘Big Sky Dreaming’

As you feel the rush of wind from your curious mind travelling at a serious rate of knots, Sub Caesar thinks about the bigger picture on the electro-filled new single ‘Big Sky Dreaming‘.

Sub Caesar is a Dutch IT Architect and house producer who flies between tech, deep and classic. He brings his old school music tastes to the fore, with an avalanche of heat-beating music to fill your body up with excitement.

”I’m old enough to have bought ‘Celebration, by Kool & The Gang‘ on vinyl as my first single, while this was topping the Dutch charts. So I grew up with a lot of disco and cheesy 80s songs that I collected on several hundred cassette tapes, as we all did back then.” – Sub Caesar

You feel her stunning vocals give your excited heart a boost that fills you with more air than before — as you remember what its like to imagine again — with a flourishing feeling of desire to see more. With a consistent beat that has you so intrigued, this is a catchy song that flows into your body quickly, like a fresh stream that is only looking for purer waters ahead.

Big Sky Dreaming‘ from Sub Caesar, is that electric spark in your curious mind that has you looking up above, as you desire that excitement in your life from being tired of waiting for it to happen. Patience is a virtue but you are looking for it to happen now, before your mind gets lost forever.

Stream this quality new electronic single on Spotify and see his IG for more updates.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A&R Factory Present: KVR

KVR finally unveils his much-anticipated debut single ‘Never Gonna Be’.

‘Never Gonna Be’ is an upbeat, captivating and contemporary dance track with a killer catchy top-line. 17-year-old Dutch producer Koen Van Ravensberg has expertly blended together all the right ingredients for his amazing first solo release. A teenager who’s natural ability in production and songwriting defies his tender age.

As KVR tells us: “I’m really happy with the overall vibe of Never Gonna Be, I feel it’s got a catchy, poppy sounds to it. I had been thinking about what the song should be like for some time, struggling to find that perfect sound I was looking for, but it just wouldn’t work. Then eventually when I got it, I think I finished the basic concept in under an hour.”

KVR is no stranger to success even at the age of 17! His remix of Nathan Goshen’s ‘Thinking About It’ became a massive hit and has been certified platinum in Denmark and The Netherlands, gone gold in Sweden and Norway, reaching more than 71 million streams so far worldwide.

The Dutch producer has a bright future ahead of him with a truly global dance sound that has also now brought in his first official remix for Lady Gaga’s ‘Million Reasons’ (Feb 17th).

KVR ‘Never Gonna Be’ is out 24th February.