Anders Jörnesten just wants to touch those great green pines on Wild Wild Country (Astrology Version)

After working from home during this horrific pandemic that is almost over, Anders Jörnesten takes that open road and knows that this is the place to be in order to find true peace in Wild Wild Country (Astrology Version).

Anders Jörnesten is a 43-year-old Stockholm, Sweden-based indie folk singer-songwriter who leads us into his new 10 track album called Astrology.

I’m inspired by folk, country and Americana music and artists as Colter Wall, Riddy Arman, John Prine, Vincent Neil Emerson, Willie Nelson and Blaze Foley. ~ Anders Jörnesten

With a completely genuine feel to proceedings that has you thinking you have just listened to someone who has that natural self-awareness many struggle to grasp, Anders Jörnesten is rather magnificent here. Showing us much grace and determination this is a welcome addition to our tired ears.

Searching for that actual truth throughout his road trip, it feels like we are listening to someone who is showing us what is needed to find that inner calm again.

Wild Wild Country (Astrology Version) from Swedish indie folk singer-songwriter Anders Jörnesten is a quite splendid single from an artist who has only just started releasing music. His vocals are raw and totally honest, setting the tone to what the world is feeling right now. Wishing to get away from the stress, the fights and the pain is the mission, by just venturing out for a while to see that old friend. A friend who got away from it all as now he gets left alone. Just the way he likes it.

Listen up to this lovely new song on Spotify and see more from his IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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