Always Choose You: Baltimore’s Red Skies Mourning misses her so much on ‘Deep Moonlight’

After moving away from the signature grunge sound from before, Red Skies Mourning has us gazing up above as we gravitate closer to our ideal lover on ‘Deep Moonlight‘.

Red Skies Mourning is a Baltimore, Maryland-based alt-rock/pop band that is led by the well-respected singer-songwriter Chris Aleshire.

As we start to fine-tune and modernize the sound, we settled on the idea for the concept of the song to blend The Legend of
Zelda with a The Weeknd/Post Malone vibe of music that’s still intertwined with alt-pop and altrock”. ~ Red Skies Mourning

Featuring dynamic vocals and a likeable sound that is so popular at the moment, Red Skies Mourning takes a trip up in his memory to get a closer look at the flawless woman he certainly craves to be with again. This is such an enjoyable listen and with a track made with so much genuine tenderness, you will find yourself getting lost inside this wonderful creation.

Deep Moonlight‘ from the Baltimore-based alt-rock/pop act Red Skies Mourning, is a love-struck single from an artist who truly misses that special soul. On a romantic gesture that has you swaying slowly and wondering if you are with the right human who makes you feel alive. There is such a passionate sensation here that will take your imagination into a happy place, that has you wishing you could be together forever. This is a track to play with your lover right next to you as your firm hands are locked together as one, or to signal that you are ready to find the one.

Hear this touching new single on Soundcloud and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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