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So Good: DeVonte Singh doesn’t rush the love on I N U

Feeling so happy in every conceivable way imaginable to humankind, DeVonte Singh holds onto the moment and shall take that extra time needed to make sure each second is truly special on I N U.

DeVonte Singh is a Baltimore, Maryland-based indie RnB solo singer-songwriter, engineer, Reiki master and music producer who makes heart stopping music to hold on tightly with.

I am beyond thankful for my mentors throughout this music journey. It didn’t really mold and grow until I started learning from Mr Morpheus, members of Force Mds, Full Force, and Senator VI. V told me Make sure when you move you move with confidence. I’m reaching for ultimately opening up touring with groups like, Silk sonic and Adele.” – Devonte Singh

Lathered in so much to feel rather delighted about, DeVonte Singh is rather terrific on this fine release to warm up those cold rooms again on this galvanising effort. Precise to the second and urging for more candles to be lit, as our minds float away to that perfect romantic state of reflection.

I N U from Baltimore, Maryland-based indie RnB solo singer-songwriter/music producer DeVonte Singh is such a loving single which will heal many hearts in believing that true love is actually possible. Performed with a majestic energy and flowing with so much passion, this is a fine song to embrace with care.

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Review by Llewelyn Screen

New Day: NIXX survives the demons on the incredible new single Wash It Away

Stirring us awake with a truly inspirational release to drench those fears away, NIXX is in prime form and this is a must-listen for anyone who needs to know that a cleanse changes everything on Wash It Away.

NIXX is a south New Jersey-born Baltimore County, Maryland-based indie hip hop artist who assembles those raw tracks to really bite your teeth into.

He’s been developing his craft for over a decade and records and mixes his own music and films and edits his own visuals. NIXX is a strong believer in a positive mindset and manifestation and is on his way to manifesting his career in the music industry.” ~ NIXX

Showing mental fortitude and remarkable levels of peerless skill, the fearless warrior NIXX is the role model for change the world needed. After digging himself out of the trenches and displaying an exceptional temperament to ease all the pain, we find a comeback story which deserves a movie.

Wash It Away from Maryland-based indie hip hop artist NIXX is a fine effort which has been made with so much real-life insight and true understanding. With lyrically intense bars to batter down those inner self-doubts, this is a raise-your-perspective-upwards soundtrack to the path many know needs to be travelled.

We can’t change the past, but we can change tomorrow with the right attitude.

See this dynamic music video on YouTube and see more info on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Baltimore rock act Palm Trees In Moscow urges us to break free on, ‘Drunk At The Airport’

With a reverb-soaked experience to listen intently to as we curiously contemplate our current uncertain path in this bloodbath-saturated world, Palm Trees In Moscow returns with an ear-soothing new single that shall get you thinking profoundly with, ‘Drunk At The Airport‘.

Created by Chris Frantz, Palm Trees In Moscow is a Baltimore, Maryland alternative rock outfit that makes an anthem-sounding blend of harmony-packed awesomeness to be uplifted by.

People often build invisible walls and put intangible limitations on themselves; this song is an anthemic cry to break out of the purgatory limbo of life we often create for ourselves.” ~ Palm Trees In Moscow

Dropping a punchy pop/roots/rock/shoegaze mixture of delicious intelligence, Palm Trees In Moscow sends us into a world of infatuation with a terrific track to put on vociferously. There is a delightfully inspiring transmission to lather deeply into here, with a fierce atmosphere that should wake up the sleepy slumber inside us all.

Drunk At The Airport‘ from Baltimore, Maryland alternative rock act Palm Trees In Moscow is one of the most introspective tracks you are likely to hear today. With vocals that are certainly striking and have you turning up the volume so you don’t miss out on any hidden lyrics, this is a single that shows us the laser focus of a skilled artist who has lived.

Showing us how to smash through those boundaries we have set for no reason, this is a rock track to truly appreciate for its vital message.

Follow the Spotify page in anticipation of the single release on the 3rd of June and get an inside look on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

YUTZI knows that its a selfish move but one that needs to happen on, ‘Give Me The Blame’

Showing the elevated growth from their start as a backyard party band to one of East Coast’s most-loved groups, YUTZI drop the lead single from their 3rd EP with the foot-tapping release about moving on from love with, ‘Give Me The Blame‘.

YUTZI (pronounced: YUTE-zee) is a Baltimore, Maryland-based indie rock band who have made a maximum impact so far and thrills with a fiery display.

A song about the difficulty of leaving a relationship to pursue your dreams. Lead singer, Tom Starr wrote the song to channel emotions he had been feeling after moving on from a relationship to pursue his dream of becoming a successful touring musician.” ~ YUTZI

Gracing our speakers with a really dreamy single that sends you into a reflective place that could cause you to doubt if you made the right decision, YUTZI shows us why they are one of the most intriguing bands around with a top performance that shall have you looking deep inside yourself for guidance.

YUTZI was formed by childhood friends and elementary school rock band-mates.” ~ YUTZI

Give Me The Blame‘ from Baltimore, Maryland-based indie rock act YUTZI is a memorable release that might invoke pain for those who have felt that they have lost a partner due to a career move. With smooth vocals and a song packed with a groovy vibe that is so nostalgic, this is a track that will have you gazing outside the window and wondering if you made the right move.

Sometimes life takes you to another path, as you decide if this is the best one for you or not one you wish to walk down.

Listen up to this new experience on Soundcloud and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Maryland-based indie rock act Old Foes drops powerfully executed new single ‘Appetite’

Sizzling the hot plate with a ravenously created single that deserves our instant attention, Old Foes brings the whole cutlery collection to full force on the powerful new single that might have you licking your lips called ‘Appetite‘.

Created by the Maryland, USA-based indie vocalist/guitarist Kyle Rigsby, Old Foes is a rock act that is putting out a new track on a bi-weekly schedule until the release of the much-awaited full album on 18 July 2022.

Old Foes sends our imagination into an enthralling spin with a speaker-slapping new single that might cause some eardrums to burst unexpectedly. They are a really top act who send us a foot-tapping marvel to behold, that is quite the terrific listen and might have you clicking your fingers until they are sore.

Appetite‘ from Maryland, USA-based rock act Old Foes, is one of those singles that you will find hard to forget quickly. The energy is certainly there to hug warmly into and the vocals shine through rather expertly, to give a track to remember that has started the train – for us to witness the next 9 – that is waiting patiently to be loved by all rock fans.

Hear their first single from this new project on Spotify and get more vibes via their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

MJ the Sensei and Monsieur Jovoni roll the tight bars just right on ‘ISSCALM’

Dropped from the 7-track project named ‘Many Moons‘, MJ the Sensei and Monsieur Jovoni spark up the style in a way that has you feeling like everything is going to be alright again on ‘ISSCALM‘.

Baltimore, Maryland-born Hip hop artist MJ the Sensei is joined by Tennessee-born music producer/artist Monsieur Jovoni who link up splendidly on this Shonan, Japan-based release.

MJ the Sensei and Monsieur Jovoni are quite excellent on a track that takes your mind into a better place from all the vicious distractions that are waiting for you outside if you let it consume your mind from what is real and what isn’t.

The eloquent production that is intertwined inside is flawless and has your head nodding around so smoothly, with bars that reflect greatness and gets you into the mood to achieve those goals which you have closed the door on for too long.

ISSCALM‘ from Shonan, Japan-based MJ the Sensei and Monsieur Jovoni, shreds through a layer of doubt and brings only a flavour that tastes so majestic. These two seriously skilled artists join as one team to make a real gem on a track here that has you feeling so laidback and calm after a long day. The old school beat reminds us of the good days when there was less madness and only good music everywhere, just the way it should be.

Listen to this top new track on Spotify and check out the IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Always Choose You: Baltimore’s Red Skies Mourning misses her so much on ‘Deep Moonlight’

After moving away from the signature grunge sound from before, Red Skies Mourning has us gazing up above as we gravitate closer to our ideal lover on ‘Deep Moonlight‘.

Red Skies Mourning is a Baltimore, Maryland-based alt-rock/pop band that is led by the well-respected singer-songwriter Chris Aleshire.

As we start to fine-tune and modernize the sound, we settled on the idea for the concept of the song to blend The Legend of
Zelda with a The Weeknd/Post Malone vibe of music that’s still intertwined with alt-pop and altrock”. ~ Red Skies Mourning

Featuring dynamic vocals and a likeable sound that is so popular at the moment, Red Skies Mourning takes a trip up in his memory to get a closer look at the flawless woman he certainly craves to be with again. This is such an enjoyable listen and with a track made with so much genuine tenderness, you will find yourself getting lost inside this wonderful creation.

Deep Moonlight‘ from the Baltimore-based alt-rock/pop act Red Skies Mourning, is a love-struck single from an artist who truly misses that special soul. On a romantic gesture that has you swaying slowly and wondering if you are with the right human who makes you feel alive. There is such a passionate sensation here that will take your imagination into a happy place, that has you wishing you could be together forever. This is a track to play with your lover right next to you as your firm hands are locked together as one, or to signal that you are ready to find the one.

Hear this touching new single on Soundcloud and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Just Wanna Be With You Tonight: Clifford leads us into his mind on ‘I’m So Bored’

With his trusty electric guitar, silky cello, spark-filled electronic synths turned up to the maximum and featuring a catchy chorus that was highly influenced by T-Rex, Clifford wonders why he can’t be with his lover tonight as he really needs to hold them close on ‘I’m So Bored‘.

Clifford is a dual USA/UK citizen, fluent English, French and Arabic speaker, who is based in busy Maryland and expertly composes a well-crafted compound of alt-rock and electronic music.

I’ve always thought to write a good song you have to tell a story through lyrics. But with this song, I realized it would be better told using mostly instrumentals instead.” ~ Clifford

After previously teasing us on ‘Renaissance Fam’ from April 2021, Clifford has our thoughtful minds in a complete flurry of thoughtfulness with a vocally-impressive performance. The bass-booming production has you feeling alive and ready for anything, as you wrap your mind into the story about a highly creative soul – who just wants to express himself with his partner for tonight – as he feels rather lonely and heartily craves that sweet touch.

I’m So Bored‘ from the Maryland-based alt-rock/electronic solo artist Clifford, is a track that evokes memories of another time in the world that you just can’t place. He sings with such a surging and potent swarm of electricity that has your heart beating like no other moment you can remember. This is the type of release to play on full blast when you just need to dance around by yourself, as you miss your lover terribly.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see his progression on Twitter.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

You Like My Life: 301 Pacs sees the sneaky vultures circling viciously on ‘Life Jacket’

As he looks down and straps up to pre-empt the collision that is possibly on the way, 301 Pacs smartly thinks ahead to be one step ahead of his evil enemies with the excellent new single ‘Life Jacket‘.

301 Pacs is an underground Maryland, USA-based indie Hip-Hop artist who seems to possess a rare skill on the mic to eloquently portray the picture he is presenting.

There is no unnecessary huff and puff that smokes out the whole story here, the flash is instead swapped with that raw storyteller grind that makes him a true unsung gem that needs to be respected. With a razor-like Gillette sharpness that is ready to bleed at any moment, you feel like this is a Lion waiting for his chance to roar into life when provoked too far.

I started writing raps since I was 13 to cope with depressive episodes.” ~ 301 Pacs

Life Jacket‘ from the Maryland, USA-based indie Hip-Hop solo artist 301 Pacs, is a thoroughly passionate freestyle-type track from a hardcore artist who doesn’t mess around. He has tasted success and sees those hawk-like eyes watching his movements – some so-called friends and others known foes – who are just waiting to bring him down when he show any sort of weakness. This is a true story in a dog-eat-dog type of world that voraciously ready to bite your earnings away from your bowl, when you let your leash get too tight and stumble.

Check out this top echelon track via Soundcloud and see more news on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Where Did Everyone Go: Baltimore alt-rockers Normal Suits urge us to not plug too far into the matrix on ‘In Threes’

With a catchy chorus up there with the best of them around and a cleanly swept sound that pulsates the shaking speakers into pure bliss, Normal Suits are at their best with their latest kick-ass single called ‘In Threes‘.

Normal Suits is an experienced and high octane three-piece indie rock band from Baltimore, Maryland. Over twenty years being in various bands and getting the t-shirt, you feel their close bond throughout this revved up track.

The songs are, at their core, straight-ahead rock songs, but with the sophistication that comes from years of experimentation with the layering of instruments and sounds.” ~ Normal Suits

You feel their purposeful and exhilarating standards bust into your consciousness on a breathtakingly simmering soundscape, which has such a tremendous edge to it. This is the type of song that makes you think twice about your latest moves, as the world threatens to take your money and your soul, without you even knowing or caring, that this is taking place right before your very eyes.

In Threes‘ from the gritty Baltimore, Maryland-based indie rock act Normal Suits, is a scrumptious single that has a stark warning about plugging in too deep, as it can drown your mind like being underwater for too long. Made with a roaring blend of a electrifying force that stamps a powerful wave of intrigue all over your soul, this is a quality single from a truly criminally underrated band, who definitely need more love.

Hear this gritty new single on Spotify and see their future show news on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen