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I Just Wanna Be With You Tonight: Clifford leads us into his mind on ‘I’m So Bored’

With his trusty electric guitar, silky cello, spark-filled electronic synths turned up to the maximum and featuring a catchy chorus that was highly influenced by T-Rex, Clifford wonders why he can’t be with his lover tonight as he really needs to hold them close on ‘I’m So Bored‘.

Clifford is a dual USA/UK citizen, fluent English, French and Arabic speaker, who is based in busy Maryland and expertly composes a well-crafted compound of alt-rock and electronic music.

I’ve always thought to write a good song you have to tell a story through lyrics. But with this song, I realized it would be better told using mostly instrumentals instead.” ~ Clifford

After previously teasing us on ‘Renaissance Fam’ from April 2021, Clifford has our thoughtful minds in a complete flurry of thoughtfulness with a vocally-impressive performance. The bass-booming production has you feeling alive and ready for anything, as you wrap your mind into the story about a highly creative soul – who just wants to express himself with his partner for tonight – as he feels rather lonely and heartily craves that sweet touch.

I’m So Bored‘ from the Maryland-based alt-rock/electronic solo artist Clifford, is a track that evokes memories of another time in the world that you just can’t place. He sings with such a surging and potent swarm of electricity that has your heart beating like no other moment you can remember. This is the type of release to play on full blast when you just need to dance around by yourself, as you miss your lover terribly.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see his progression on Twitter.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

You Like My Life: 301 Pacs sees the sneaky vultures circling viciously on ‘Life Jacket’

As he looks down and straps up to pre-empt the collision that is possibly on the way, 301 Pacs smartly thinks ahead to be one step ahead of his evil enemies with the excellent new single ‘Life Jacket‘.

301 Pacs is an underground Maryland, USA-based indie Hip-Hop artist who seems to possess a rare skill on the mic to eloquently portray the picture he is presenting.

There is no unnecessary huff and puff that smokes out the whole story here, the flash is instead swapped with that raw storyteller grind that makes him a true unsung gem that needs to be respected. With a razor-like Gillette sharpness that is ready to bleed at any moment, you feel like this is a Lion waiting for his chance to roar into life when provoked too far.

I started writing raps since I was 13 to cope with depressive episodes.” ~ 301 Pacs

Life Jacket‘ from the Maryland, USA-based indie Hip-Hop solo artist 301 Pacs, is a thoroughly passionate freestyle-type track from a hardcore artist who doesn’t mess around. He has tasted success and sees those hawk-like eyes watching his movements – some so-called friends and others known foes – who are just waiting to bring him down when he show any sort of weakness. This is a true story in a dog-eat-dog type of world that voraciously ready to bite your earnings away from your bowl, when you let your leash get too tight and stumble.

Check out this top echelon track via Soundcloud and see more news on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Where Did Everyone Go: Baltimore alt-rockers Normal Suits urge us to not plug too far into the matrix on ‘In Threes’

With a catchy chorus up there with the best of them around and a cleanly swept sound that pulsates the shaking speakers into pure bliss, Normal Suits are at their best with their latest kick-ass single called ‘In Threes‘.

Normal Suits is an experienced and high octane three-piece indie rock band from Baltimore, Maryland. Over twenty years being in various bands and getting the t-shirt, you feel their close bond throughout this revved up track.

The songs are, at their core, straight-ahead rock songs, but with the sophistication that comes from years of experimentation with the layering of instruments and sounds.” ~ Normal Suits

You feel their purposeful and exhilarating standards bust into your consciousness on a breathtakingly simmering soundscape, which has such a tremendous edge to it. This is the type of song that makes you think twice about your latest moves, as the world threatens to take your money and your soul, without you even knowing or caring, that this is taking place right before your very eyes.

In Threes‘ from the gritty Baltimore, Maryland-based indie rock act Normal Suits, is a scrumptious single that has a stark warning about plugging in too deep, as it can drown your mind like being underwater for too long. Made with a roaring blend of a electrifying force that stamps a powerful wave of intrigue all over your soul, this is a quality single from a truly criminally underrated band, who definitely need more love.

Hear this gritty new single on Spotify and see their future show news on Facebook.

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Take It: Helen really likes the loving vibes on the freshly squeezed disco/pop anthem ‘Go’

After writing this disco-packed track over two years ago when her crush-filled heart was fluttering cutely like a happy bird in the clear blue sky, Helen curiously explores that feeling of that amazing new-found love with her hot new single that will have your face blushing in excitement telling you to ‘Go‘.

Helen Kebede aka Helen, is a twenty-three-years-young Silver Spring, Maryland-based indie pop/RnB artist and proud University of Maryland graduate. She started writing songs when she was just fourteen years old and makes that passionate energy soundscape – that is assuredly full of that genuine tenderness we all crave – which makes your fragile heart feel stronger again.

Sonically, her sound is somewhere in the likes of FKA Twigs, Rina Sawayama, and Billie Eilish.” – Helen

This is such a graceful performance from a sweet soul who shows the awaiting world her sizzling potential with a truly dynamic performance, on such a beautifully created summer soundtrack. You wholeheartedly feel the electric spark between two lovers who know the unspoken tension can’t go on, as they lock eyes tightly and know that this is a going to be something truly special.

Go‘ from authentically pure Silver Spring, Maryland-based indie pop/RnB artist Helen, lights up brightly like a disco ball in the star-lit night – as you remember that sweet feeling of being with someone so exciting – your body shivers organically in anticipation each time you think of them.

Sometimes you just have to take the chance and go up to that person who you really like, otherwise you never know what you might miss out on.

Hear this stunning new track on Soundcloud and see more on her IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Old News: Terrific Maryland rapper Marie wishes he would fill the void on ‘A Father’s Love’

With a supremely reflective look into her life that made her turn to music for that true salvation, Marie tells us the sad story about how the world made her feel so cold without his once-needed presence on ‘A Father’s Love‘.

Marie is an emerging and mentally mature hip-hop artist and University of Maryland Eastern Shore post grad who grew in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

Marie experienced numerous lessons that life had to offer at an early age – specifically the internal and external battles stemming from an absent father and a teenage mother. Those experiences later transformed into words. By 14, Marie discovered an interest in songwriting, which naturally led to rapping.” – Marie

Her raps are so decisive and full of a real edge that transforms your mood into thinking so much clearer – her style is inspiring as the carefully penned lyrics are so real – as she bears her own soul to the world to see.

A Father’s Love‘ from the skilled Maryland-based rapper Marie, is taken off her epic eight-track ‘Syllables of Life‘ album and is such a top single that shows us a world that needs more role models. She wanted his attention so bad but he wasn’t around, so she moved on to her close friends to help to be believe that she was indeed special, and it wasn’t her fault that he left. She is moving onto happier days – and it shows you that music really does heal – if you let it help you.

Stream this deep single on Spotify and check out the IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Lost In Time: Baltimore’s San Junipero drop deep debut track on ‘Tears in Rain’

With their band Legends of Et cetera on a long-term hiatus for the time being, San Junipero bring the umbrella on the terrific debut that will have your curious ears perked up to attention, on the debut track called ‘Tears in Rain‘.

San Junipero is a music project of Utah Miller, a gender-fluid musician based in Baltimore, Maryland. This is the type of sound that is made from deep in the soul and transmits an original sound, that is authentically dusty and fresh groovy, well-made and filled with so much love.

The subjects of the songs are Miller’s personal experiences with mental health, drug use, movies, tv shows, wealth inequality, climate change, love, death, and robots.” – San Junipero

This is the sad story about those moments that are swept up in time, as you recall their memory and wish that they were still around to be with you. This is such an introspective story – and will take you places you forget existed – or where you wanted to forget to avoid hurt, but know deep down that you shouldn’t.

Tears in Rain’ from Baltimore-based San Junipero, is a stunning track and have indeed achieved the goal of creating something beautiful. With a reflective start, this song gets into the full flow after three minutes, and we are taken on a reflective ride that is quite remarkable. This is memorable track that has your heart in a flutter, as you remember those times when you didn’t get much sleep, as you stayed awake thinking about those lost friends who you really miss.

See this new YouTube audio and see more on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

We Need Change: Clifford is masterful on message-filled new single ‘Renaissance Fam’

His haunting piano-based start soon opens up to an eye-opening story that peels your mind up to new thinking, as Clifford drops the groove to have us all thinking a bit clearer away from the smoggy commercialism of the world on ‘Renaissance Fam’.

Clifford is a thoughtful dual US/UK citizen, fluent English, French and Arabic speaker based in Maryland, who’s genre is mostly indie rock singer-songwriter. He always evolves to find new ways to push the boundaries of music and his mind, to new levels of creative enjoyment.

”I wrote Renaissance Fam to encourage progress, change, equity, inclusivity, and diversity. This song is a message to the subscribers of old ways of thinking that the “Renaissance Fam” is here to encourage positive and ethical changes without wasting any time. We’re living in an age of progress and we need to embrace it.” – Clifford

Renaissance Fam‘ from Maryland-based indie singer-songwriter Clifford, is an evolving-call-to-change, as you feel the ever-growing frustration in his superbly toned voice with how things in the world are currently headed. This is a genre defying track from a clued up artist, who is using his wide platform to promote a more open-minded way of thinking to help the world improve and for this, he must be admired.

Stream this fresh new single on Spotify and see more of his adventures on Twitter.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Found her Tribe: Marie found the keys and locks into her desires with ‘Ride 4 U’ (feat. Angel Bre’nai)

After bravely overcoming depression, homelessness, poverty, fear, insecurities and abuse, the courageous Marie has flipped around her life due to hard work and that inner belief, to send the world a true message of hope with ‘Ride 4 U(feat. Angel Bre’nai).

Marie is a determined Anne Arundel County, Maryland-born rapper, RnB singer and University of Maryland Eastern Shore graduate, who makes that soulfully relevant music about life, love and reaching for your dreams, no matter how many locked doors there are.

She leads us into the sweet story of love, the passion is there and just wants to be with that special soul who truly gets her deep inside. With a consistent delivery and spectacular vocals, this is a song that soars into your mind like a majestic Eagle flying high, as you look for the peaceful lands that will only further cleanse away the bad memories, to bring in new ones that are freshly soaked with that pure goodness.

Ride 4 U(feat. Angel Bre’nai) from the vibrant RnB/hip-hop artist Marie, is a fine single that heats up the windows and shows that she is the loyal one. After dealing with too many manipulative people that were selfishly stripping away her kindness — she has found her tribe and shows us all that you can indeed win — if you put the effort in and wash away those bad vibes for good.

Stream this hot new track on Soundcloud and see the social visuals on IG.

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That Sweet Connection: JahMakesMusic! seeks out that soul-charmingly wonderful ‘Satisfaction’

With a soulful vibe that has you entranced with delight, JahMakesMusic! has us all singing along with much music ‘Satisfaction‘ for the freed body to enjoy lovingly.

JahMakesMusic! is an inspirational and gritty Hackensack, New Jersey-born, Baltimore in Maryland-raised indie RnB/soul singer-songwriter, who alongside his trusted producer Tamira Slade, sweetly intermingle that authentic rhythm that is solely created to bring positive energy, to a world that seems dark and hopeless sometimes.

Taken off his two-years-in-the-making debut eight-track EP called ‘Love After Heartbreak‘, you can feel his inner most struggles but positive creation streak through from the cold, each word is sung with a desire to never go back to where he was, as his music transcends all barriers.

This is the story of that sweet love that you want to last forever, as you bodies want the night to stay alive forever. Your souls are intertwined and this could be something special that you will both never forget. You love each other and the aim is to show each other that this is different to the rest.

Satisfaction‘ from JahMakesMusic!, is the type of song that warms your heart, as this is the ultimate comeback story of a man who was homeless for a year. He fought back to where he is now, as his voice bellows gloriously to spread a message of peace, love and self-awareness. Life is all about being happy and doing what you truly care after all, no matter what happened in the past.

Stream this new track here on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That craving feeling inside: Jahni Bleu knows that it ‘Feels So Right’ on exciting new single

With his confidence growing each second, Jahni Bleu dims the lights down low on his hot new single ‘Feels So Right‘.

Jahni Bleu is a flamboyant Maryland, Baltimore indie r&B songwriter, who sings about the deep love he feels and what it was like growing up in the tough local streets, while getting mocked everyday for being a gay man.

He moved on to calmer waters and got away from that life, to now thrive as he deserves, making that sweet-sounding music that fills his heart with purpose.

His voice swirls with heartfelt desire, as he tells the story of how it feels deep inside his stomach, his eyes latched to who he wants to with with so badly. You feel his increasing passion and his sumptuous vocals fills your heart up with so much joy, each word is sung with such meaning and intent, letting you know that this night is going to be extra special.

This is the story of a man finding his way through the smoke and mirrors of the world and then we see him, their eyes can’t stop looking at each others and their heart beats extra fast. The night is young but the sparks are flying fast and the music is only adding to the intrigue of the instant connection.

Feels So Right‘ from US r&b singer-songwriter Jahni Bleu, is a lights-down-low track to play with your new lover, as you get to know each other and see where the night leads.

When you have that feeling in your stomach, you just know you have to try and find out if you two can make it work, or whether it was just teasing lust after all.

Hear this thrilling new single on Soundcloud and follow his life on IG.

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