Alt Rock band Granny’s Boots from Lithuania share sadness with lyric video for ”Child From Another Mother”

It can be tough sometimes to accept that you aren’t close to your family. That feeling can bite hard and cause long term damage. You might feel like you don’t belong even though you really do. This is a song all about that feeling.

Vilnius, Lithuania is the home for the Alt Rock band Granny’s Boots. Besides being one of the most interestingly named bands on earth, they have a fascinating style. The vocals are sweetly sent through the mic and then the chorus takes you into the mindset of the song. This is a singer who is feeling the pain and is quite lost. At the same time there is a comedic element to keep things different.

This is a solid Alt song and Granny’s Boots sure do rock out on those impressive solo’s on ”Child From Another Mother”.

Check this lyric video out on YouTube to see more.

If you prefer Spotify then click on the link and hear the audio.

To hear more on Bandcamp be sure to support there.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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