Afro Beats Meets Hip Hop in delz Latest Single “Go and Get Rich”

Houston-based Rapper & producer delz recently dropped his latest fiery New Wave Trap track “Go and Get Rich”. Fans of high-fire Hip Hop will want to pay attention.

Instead of using pure momentum to bring energy to the mix, delz utilised a smorgasbord of different vibrant influences and tones in Go and Get Rich. You’ll be able to pick up on nuances of Pop, Rock, and Afro Beats, the latter brings plenty of warmth to the grinding immersive track.

It’s all too easy to lose yourself in the high-vibe rhythms in Go and Get Rich, it’s infectious from the first hit. Delz is evidently one to watch, especially if you’re a fan of contemporary artists such as J. Cole or Travis Scott.

You can check out Go and Get Rich for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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