FÉ saunters in with her vivid story on ‘I Can’t Trust You’ (feat. Jamison Bethea)

is back with a fine new song called ‘I Can’t Trust You‘ (feat. Jamison Bethea).

Felicia aka comes from a very musically inclined family in North Carolina and she creates a vibe no matter what the room or people inside with her energy. North Carolina is where their hearts are big, they love hard and take care of the community.

The song stemmed from an experience where didn’t have peace of mind due to trust issues with the person she was this. It is telling the story of how she knew this but also coming to the realization that she should forgive herself as well. This is a true story that many of us have faced. You know that things should end but you try and hang on, maybe too long. You just want to make it work but things are doomed as trust is the core of all.

I Can’t Trust You‘ (feat. Jamison Bethea) is a fine song and FÉ is here to stay. Her honest lyrics coupled with a resilient style shows that this artist is working hard, perfecting her craft and looking forward.

Click here for the YouTube page to stream this new track.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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